Donald Trump Promises to Dominate Jesus Christ

Donald Trump thanks Wendy’s for their donation and then says he would beat up Jesus if he got in his way.


so no thank you were very happy with the
donation from Wendy’s okay and you know
it’s it’s a nice thing because I tell
you Wendy was not so hot okay they
wouldn’t use a cartoon of her if she was
if she was like a hot redhead okay like
you know the one from Mad Men that’s a
great that’s a little thick for me but
you know that’s that’s a redhead if
Wendy looked like her it was Joan you
think they’d be using the cartoon now
they’d be putting like her breasts as
the logo for the show but instead Wendy
you know but we take the money we
appreciate even though Wendy was not so
hot and but I’m having a great time with
the evangelicals they’re great great
people they I think that I think they
liked it when I had deer gassed
everybody away from the church so I
could stand and hold a Bible I don’t
think the evangelicals who support me I
don’t even think they’d like Jesus if he
was here first of all he’s like Middle
Eastern so broadly a terrorist and he’d
be talking love and peace and all this
very weak ok very weak person let me
tell you something if Jesus was in front
of that church last night I would have
punched him right in the face I mean I
would have really you know I would have
sent a strong message you got to
dominate when a guy when the Brent’s off
base and that’s what they call him I
don’t think he’s dead he’s I mean he was
no real Prince but but we love Him we
love you know Jesus
bla bla bla but I got to tell you when
he was no Prince it was a very weak guy
and you send a strong message if a guy
tries to step in front he and he goes
himself the Prince of Peace or the king
of the Jews which we all know is Bibi
Netanyahu great guy
that’s a tough that’s a that’s a Jewish
person that can lead but if you punch
Jesus right in the face in front of all
those protesters they know you mean
business you got to dominate when a
peaceful Son of God shows up you got to
dominate or else all of a sudden they’re
gonna follow him so I would have punched
Jesus right in the mouth but these
evangelicals they’re so stupid they are
the ones that support me anyway I think
they just won all the Old Testament
nastiness which I love but without any
other like niceness of the New Testament
so I think it’s great I think we do
very strong and we’re dominating and
it’s a good thing so we’ll see what

If We Had a Real Leader

Imagining Covid under a normal president.

This week I had a conversation that left a mark. It was with Mary Louise Kelly and E.J. Dionne on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and it was about how past presidents had handled moments of national mourning — Lincoln after Gettysburg, Reagan after the Challenger explosion and Obama after the Sandy Hook school shootings.

The conversation left me wondering what America’s experience of the pandemic would be like if we had a real leader in the White House.

If we had a real leader, he would have realized that tragedies like 100,000 Covid-19 deaths touch something deeper than politics: They touch our shared vulnerability and our profound and natural sympathy for one another.

In such moments, a real leader steps outside of his political role and reveals himself uncloaked and humbled, as someone who can draw on his own pains and simply be present with others as one sufferer among a common sea of sufferers.

If we had a real leader, she would speak of the dead not as a faceless mass but as individual persons, each seen in unique dignity. Such a leader would draw on the common sources of our civilization, the stores of wisdom that bring collective strength in hard times.

Lincoln went back to the old biblical cadences to comfort a nation. After the church shooting in Charleston, Barack Obama went to “Amazing Grace,” the old abolitionist anthem that has wafted down through the long history of African-American suffering and redemption.

In his impromptu remarks right after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy recalled the slaying of his own brother and quoted Aeschylus: “In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”

If we had a real leader, he would be bracingly honest about how bad things are, like Churchill after the fall of Europe. He would have stored in his upbringing the understanding that hard times are the making of character, a revelation of character and a test of character. He would offer up the reality that to be an American is both a gift and a task. Every generation faces its own apocalypse, and, of course, we will live up to our moment just as our ancestors did theirs.

If we had a real leader, she would remind us of our common covenants and our common purposes. America is a diverse country joined more by a common future than by common pasts. In times of hardships real leaders re-articulate the purpose of America, why we endure these hardships and what good we will make out of them.

After the Challenger explosion, Reagan reminded us that we are a nation of explorers and that the explorations at the frontiers of science would go on, thanks in part to those who “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”

At Gettysburg, Lincoln crisply described why the fallen had sacrificed their lives — to show that a nation “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” can long endure and also to bring about “a new birth of freedom” for all the world.

Of course, right now we don’t have a real leader. We have Donald Trump, a man who can’t fathom empathy or express empathy, who can’t laugh or cry, love or be loved — a damaged narcissist who is unable to see the true existence of other human beings except insofar as they are good or bad for himself.

But it’s too easy to offload all blame on Trump. Trump’s problem is not only that he’s emotionally damaged; it is that he is unlettered. He has no literary, spiritual or historical resources to draw upon in a crisis.

All the leaders I have quoted above were educated under a curriculum that put character formation at the absolute center of education. They were trained by people who assumed that life would throw up hard and unexpected tests, and it was the job of a school, as one headmaster put it, to produce young people who would be “acceptable at a dance, invaluable in a shipwreck.”

Think of the generations of religious and civic missionaries, like Frances Perkins, who flowed out of Mount Holyoke. Think of all the Morehouse Men and Spelman Women. Think of all the young students, in schools everywhere, assigned Plutarch and Thucydides, Isaiah and Frederick Douglass — the great lessons from the past on how to lead, endure, triumph or fail. Only the great books stay in the mind for decades and serve as storehouses of wisdom when hard times come.

Right now, science and the humanities should be in lock step: science producing vaccines, with the humanities stocking leaders and citizens with the capacities of resilience, care and collaboration until they come. But, instead, the humanities are in crisis at the exact moment history is revealing how vital moral formation really is.

One of the lessons of this crisis is that help isn’t coming from some centralized place at the top of society. If you want real leadership, look around you.

Dave Ramsey: Leaders Eat Last

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>
went off on a rabbit hole but anyway the
leaders the first thing that’s going to
happen in this in this organization is
the Ramseys will not get paid our names
on the building that’s the first thing
that will happen before I lay is sold
off and the second thing will happen is
our leaders in the operating board are
not going to get paid and by the way
they’re all okay with that and the third
thing that will happen is we’ve had a
whole bunch of volunteers at the next
level down that of leadership that says
I’m okay I can make it for 30 days also
get a paycheck too if it means we don’t
have to lay people off those are real
leaders they’re putting themselves ahead
they’re putting their team I had the
team’s good ahead of themselves
leadership generally sucks you’re
constantly having make bad decisions
with I mean make good decisions with bad
information and partial knowledge of
what’s going on and you got to make the
anyway it’s high-stress people’s
feelings are involved and no one
appreciates it but you got to do it
anyway that’s what leadership is the
leadership is going first on the hard
things if you don’t go you’re not you’re
not leading it’s not going first on the
upside it’s going first on the downside
and assuming the risk and absorbing that
so the team doesn’t have to right Ken
yeah well I think a lot of people taking
these loans are following everybody else
well everybody else is doing I’m gonna
do it again let’s break this thing about
my finesse my planner who makes less
than I make is advising me right my
accountant who you know does not has
never made a payroll in his life except
is one secretary is advising me on how
to run this business no no absolutely
do not take these loans out yeah you’re
going to create problems that you don’t
see yet a hundred percent chance of that
you don’t have to be a rocket scientist
to figure this out as my buddy Larry
Chapman says it ain’t rocket surgery so
I mean it’s just you know guys please
please there’s two problems here one is
is that you’re counting on debt to be
your supplier you’re your provider the
second thing is you’re waiting on the
government to be your provider neither
one of these turn out to be good
providers you come up with that is to
create revenues fresh and different and
digitally in the middle of this mess go
do something special and new even if
you’re just doing it for 30 days that
you’ve never done before and you may
never do again cut your own pay preserve
cache preserve cache preserve cache sell
off assets and protect your people
protect your people
that’s what you do well and if we have
to furlough them you’re gonna cry while
you do it and not take a paycheck to be
clear and you said this this morning in
our meeting you said at the end of the
day if it came down to it after doing
all that and you should do all those
things first we would have to do layoffs
before we take on debt on principle I’m
not one not on principle because I think
it’s the shortest way to healing it’s
the best way to run an organization
because it’s the most profitable and
it’s the smartest it’s the wisest avoid
the stinking debt please guys please and
you can be mad at me and you make fun of
me some dinosaur if you want but I’m
sitting here freaking open – so shut up