City Council tried to get Police try to Trespass from Public Property without giving a Reason


These Cops are ridiculous. I’m going to trespass you but I don’t know why! 🤦🏿
I feel sorry for the first officer, some higher up has thrown him into that situation. Shame on on the Officer or attorney who did that to him.
You can not come to a person’s home without a warrant and charge someone for a crime that occurred elsewhere without any type of proof or investigation. Especially trespassing someone from a building that they are not currently located.
Throwing the YOU ARE BEING DETAINED should cost the IGNORANT OFFICER’S AGENCY MONEY. THAT IS DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW, A FEDERAL OFFENSE. We need to flood the court system with as many as these rights violations as possible. It’s not until it starts to cost money that things can change. The media should be covering this EXTENSIVELY
“just following orders”. Crazy. Not a care or thought to want to see if the trespass is legal. No investigations. Just doing what their told no matter what. But the problems here obviously extend far beyond the department. I really hope this guy has a good lawyer and considers taking the whole situation to the media.
I would have liked him to say: I want to criminally trespass everyone working at city hall from my property. I’m not telling you why, if they have been here, or when. I just want you go to their houses, knock their doors, and ask them for ID and to sign some paper. It is not harassment.”
Perfect example of cops attitude today, they do whatever their political masters tell them to do. They absolutely earn the reputation they have!
I’m currently a LEO. I can assure everyone, you need a reason to trespass someone from a public area. This individual should’ve and could’ve closed the door on these LEOs. Secondly how are they going to trespass someone they haven’t identified? The LEO should’ve used common sense on this one.
How the hell can an employee at City Hall threaten to arrest you for trespassing simply by going to City Hall? City Hall is a public building, and every citizen has a right to go there. I would only make an exception if this person had gone to City Hall and physically attacked somebody. To call this an overreach of bureaucratic Authority is a gross understatement.
The bits this guy was saying about “Getting Fired for refusing to dump euthanized animals at the city dump”, sounds like something that needs to be investigated. City Hall sending Law Enforcement to this mans house, with no knowledge of why he is being CRIMINALLY TRESPASSED, sure looks like some Illegal Corruption at City Hall. We may have to look into this one.
Sgt said “It’s not our job to decide what you have or have not done” and he couldn’t be more wrong. It is his duty to figure out exactly what went down in order to issue a criminal trespass warning from a public place. Simply because someone at city hall asked him to be trespassed is not enough, there needs have been a crime committed or an ordinance violated. These cops are confusing a trespass from private property as opposed to public property.
Cop #1 shows the caliber of cop that every department seems to staff: follow orders without question and regardless of legality of the order. It is truly sad that pretty much EVERY cop in the country thinks that the laws for trespassing are the same for PUBLIC places as they are for PRIVATE places. (OR they are willing to LIE about what the law says… which amounts to the same thing.)
<<City Hall sending Law Enforcement to this mans house, with no knowledge of why he is being CRIMINALLY TRESPASSED, sure looks like some Illegal Corruption at City Hall.>>
 @Aaron J  I get what you’re saying but I also get what OP was saying, I think. I believe it all hinges on the legality of the trespass being 1) issued at all since it was for a public space & 2) issued as it was long after his appearance at the City Hall. As for the 1st point, it’s my understanding that a citizen may NOT be trespassed from any public space unless the person has committed a crime on said public grounds. As to the 2nd point, meh, seems sorta sketchy to me.
I mean if a person’s behavior was so bad as to be criminal I would’ve thought the police would’ve intervened then & there NOT wait days or weeks. As for the notion of corruption or other unfunny funny business. Animals euthanized at a city or county run facility must be disposed of by that entity. AND that disposal must meet certain Health Dept guidelines. Exactly what those are I do not know, mostly b/c I don’t know the location of the video & of the local govt. AND I have no idea exactly how the dump site was disposing of the bodies. Based on what I heard the guy say the “how” of the disposal was the sticking point for him. Sounds like the “how” might not be meeting Health Dept codes &/or standards. Maybe there was an issue of disrespect. At any rate sounds like he may have brought that up at the meeting & if they’re disposing of dead animals in an unhealthy manner in order to cut costs, well that’s the very last thing they would want spoken aloud in an open meeting. That makes sense about shutting him up but it also unfortunately looks like they’re trying to hide or cover over some shady shizzle. Just my 2 cents. Blessings

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Good on him, You do not have to give your information for a trespass waning, don’t let them pull that nonsense on you. The individual being trespassed has no legal duty to provide the trespassing entity with their personal information, the onus is on them to remember who you are you do not have to assist them with it. There is no “Trespass system”, they just want your info to run you for warrants and start a CAD entry on you, don’t fall for it. Trespass is not a crime, trespass after warning is the crime. When a cop pulls that “We need your information to put you in the trespass system!” they are lying to you, people fall for it all the damn time, it drives me bonkers.
How can cops come to your house, and inform you that you’re trespassed from City Hall, when the cops can’t tell him why he is trespassed. Yet expect him to hand over his identification details and then sign a form without telling what he has done wrong.  This is why I’m an advocate for no local Police Department’s. State Police Force only covering the whole State.  No locally employed police means that no local entity owns or controls you.
Basically the argument of the cops in the video is: “We don’t know if you did anything illegal, and we don’t know why you’re being trespassed, but some unnamed person told us to trespass you, so we are here to do that, even though we don’t have a court order.” Yeah. Their argument will TOTALLY hold up in court. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
This is a huge violation of his 1A rights. If he is being trespassed to keep him from going to a city council meeting, that is denying him the right to seek redress of grievances. Hope he sues the city.
Common intimidation tactic local governments use against people that oppose their views and show up to public meetings to speak out.
100% of the time citizens tell cops they are harassing them they respond with: ‘I’m not harassing you’. Every. Single. Time.
10:38 “It’s not our job to know why” — Yes it is, because if you don’t know why you can’t determine whether the orders you’re following are lawful or not, and to follow unlawful orders is unlawful. “I was just following orders” is not a valid defence.
What’s appalling is the fact they went to his house, this means they know who he is, why would you ask for DOB? 🤨
Cop “I don’t know what’s this is about.” Then leave. Get the information and warrant. Otherwise, bye.
It’s funny how it seems like every cop says ok 20 times when the auditors break the law down for them but they still don’t understand or won’t understand
Sounds like a city council member didn’t like what this guy said at the last meeting. He should just take the trespass and file a 1st Amendment claim against the city.
When did Serve & Protect turn into Arrest & Collect, Harass & Penalize, Enslave  & Abuse, Punish & Oppress, and Comply or DIE?
The cop keeps saying “that’s not how a trespass warning works” even though the cop has no idea that you cannot trespass someone from public property unless they’ve committed a crime, and he’s not even AT city hall.
I’ve watched many 100’s of 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment audit videos. Every cop, no matter where in the country, says “okay” over and over, as their 1st knee jerk response…and then proceed to trample all over the rights that they are supposed to protect. This tactic and response MUST be part of their training…to say “okay”, maybe in an attempt to SEEM reasonable, as they look for an opportunity to become unreasonable. Disgusting.
“It is not our job to know why we do what we do. It is our job to follow orders blindly, like the good little Jackboots we are…”
“I’m just following orders,” is not an excuse for a government SERVANT to violate the rights of an American. “Citizens are first.” Cop responds with, “That’s your opinion.” What a clown.
Sgt. “It’s not our job to know why” Pretty much explains everything these days lol
A trespass from a city hall, so that means you MUST have broken some law, MUST have done something illegal, otherwise that trespass is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. YOU CANNOT TRESPASS A CITIZEN FROM PUBLIC UNLESS THERE WAS A CRIME COMMITTED !!! And then the supervisor says he didn’t do anything wrong, therefore he cannot be trespassed, this is about as ignorant and stupid as it gets. Everyone involved in trying to get him trespassed should be held personally accountable, because they should know better, they should pay up personally, i do not care if they have to get a loan or their savings are touched or whatever the fuck they need to do to pay up, this is abuse of power and pure ignorance, they should know better, they signed a contract to uphold the law, they were not given that training, nor did they take it upon themselves to obtain that knowledge, this is a failing on their part. They should get knowledgeable or not sign that contract. Their training is laughably sub par. Their training should be counted in years, not weeks, they don’t even touch on the most basic and important laws. In my country we count police training in years, and that is in a country where the police has to do less, they have less functions, they have less crime, they have fewer weapons on the streets, that shows how shit their training is. This and the system in general being crap all over is why i consider the US to be nothing more than a reasonably well put together banana republic.

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Trump’s Worst Watcher

Do you remember back when everybody thought John Kelly was going to calm down the Trump White House?

Stop laughing. Although it has been another wow of a week, hasn’t it? We had one top administration official, Rob Porter, resigning over claims of domestic abuse regarding two ex-wives. Kelly defended Porter as “a friend, a confidant and a trusted professional” shortly before a picture popped up of one former Mrs. Porter sporting a black eye.

.. This was a little bit after Kelly himself made headlines for suggesting that some young immigrants couldn’t qualify for federal help because they were just “too lazy to get off their asses” and file some paperwork.

.. Meanwhile the president, apparently unsupervised, was calling for a government shutdown and lobbying enthusiastically for an expensive new military parade.

.. A good chief of staff advises the president against doing things that will make the administration look stupid or crazy. So, are we all in agreement that Kelly, retired general turned Trump chief of staff, appears to be … a failure? And sort of a jerk in the bargain?

.. Kelly did nothing about the fact that the White House is loud and mean and generally unfathomable. Except make things even worse. This, after all, is the guy who’s intervened whenever Donald Trump is in his expansive give-me-an-immigration-bill-to-sign phase, and pushed him over to Haiti-is-a-shithole territory.

.. When Kelly was head of the Department of Homeland Security, many Democrats liked him

.. He seemed smart, and he knew stuff.

.. But now it’s becoming clear that Kelly is the point man on immigration insecurity, heading off the president’s impulses for outreach, no matter how fleeting.

.. The best Panetta could do in a phone interview was to suggest the new, bad version of his old friend might be the product of too much time spent with his current boss.

.. The world began to notice that Kelly was perhaps not as cool, calm and collected as we’d bargained for when he was coordinating a condolence call by the president to Myeshia Johnson, whose husband, Sgt. La David Johnson, was killed while serving on a strange mission in Niger.

.. he stepped up to the White House podium and launched that infamous tirade against Representative Wilson,” said Whipple. That kind of outspokenness in a chief of staff is “very unusual,” he added, not to mention “politically inept.”

.. It’s hard to remember many times that Kelly’s outspokenness helped the president out of trouble.

.. he offered up a theory that the Civil War was caused by “the lack of an ability to compromise.”

.. Maybe Mattis could be chief of staff. Hard to imagine things would get worse.

Donald Trump, our first millennial president

Everybody — but especially the olds — loves to hate on millennials. We’re lazy, entitled, emotionally stunted, spendthrift, narcissistic, promiscuous snowflakes.

.. But if Bill Clinton was once our “first black president,” surely Trump can be our first millennial president.

.. despite the fact that as of Monday — more than a month after Hurricane Maria hit — four-fifths of the island still has no power. A quarter lacks clean drinking water.

.. This is hardly the first time Trump has insisted upon, or even invented, accolades to celebrate his own mediocrity. He claimed to have received environmental awards that never existed. His golf clubs displayed fake Time magazine covers featuring his face.

.. Millennial Trump overshares constantly on social media, sometimes even Instagramming his food. He live-tweets his favorite TV show instead of getting real work done. Although no longer a minor, he still requires constant helicopter parenting from the grown-ups around him, as if he’s in an adult day care.

.. he can’t tolerate speech that hurts his feewings . Words that offend him are “unfair,” “frankly disgusting,” “bad for the country.” He then tries every weapon available to shut down those words.

.. Trump personally demanded that the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate media outlets he dislikes and suggested that networks should have their broadcast licenses revoked. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in subsequent days a Morning Consult poll found that half of Republicans agreed with him.

Huh. It’s almost as if 19-year-olds aren’t actually the country’s greatest threat to the First Amendment.

.. Trump casts himself as a perpetual victim, the uncontested winner of the oppression Olympics.

.. As with millennials, Trump has taken on loads of debt — though to be fair, that seems to bring much more joy to Trump than to 20- and 30-somethings. Maybe because real millennials expect to pay it back.

.. Morally lax, prone to revisionist history and obsessed with identity politics, Trump exemplifies all that is annoying and wrong with my generation — at least according to every Lena-Dunham-despising crank who once walked uphill both ways.

.. Like any true millennial, Trump refused to pay his dues in an industry where he had no experience. Instead, on the strength of his personal brand alone, he declared himself entitled to the top job. Self-promotion leading to immediate professional promotion?


Understanding Republican Cruelty

The basics of Republican health legislation, which haven’t changed much in different iterations of Trumpcare, are easy to describe: Take health insurance away from tens of millions, make it much worse and far more expensive for millions more, and use the money thus saved to cut taxes on the wealthy.

.. Meanwhile, taxes that fall mainly on a tiny, wealthy minority would be reduced or eliminated. These cuts would be big in dollar terms, but because the rich are already so rich, the savings would make very little difference to their lives.

More than 40 percent of the Senate bill’s tax cuts would go to people with annual incomes over $1 million — but even these lucky few would see their after-tax income rise only by a barely noticeable 2 percent.

.. So it’s vast suffering — including, according to the best estimates, around 200,000 preventable deaths — imposed on many of our fellow citizens in order to give a handful of wealthy people what amounts to some extra pocket change.

.. I think there are two big drivers — actually, two big lies — behind Republican cruelty on health care and beyond.

First, the evils of the G.O.P. plan are the flip side of the virtues of Obamacare. Because Republicans spent almost the entire Obama administration railing against the imaginary horrors of the Affordable Care Act — death panels! — repealing Obamacare was bound to be their first priority.

.. Republicans, through their political opportunism and dishonesty, boxed themselves into a position that makes them seem cruel and immoral — because they are.

.. this story began with a politically convenient lie — the pretense, going all the way back to Ronald Reagan, that social safety net programs just reward lazy people who don’t want to work. And we all know which people in particular were supposed to be on the take.

.. What it does — punish the poor and working class, cut taxes on the rich — is what every major G.O.P. policy proposal does. The only difference is that this time it’s all out in the open.

.. remember this moment. For this is what modern Republicans do; this is who they are.