Interracial Marriage BAN Ok With GOP Senator | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Should have asked him what his position would be on states banning Christianity and see him totally turn on “state’s rights.”

This is why I stopped thinking thoughts like “that can’t happen here.” It can, and it already is. We thought Roe v. Wade was the law of the land, and it will 100% be overturned this year. Who still thinks the GOP is going to stop there? Nothing is off the table.

Take this one to Supreme Court. I’m curious how Clarence Thomas would rule on this one? Probably against himself to own the left or all the other Justices rule in favor of it. This could end up being funny but not haha funny.

Omg thank you for covering this I’ve been waiting to see if anyone did. This ass clown is from my state and the reporter was from my hometown. I literally could not believe he said the quiet out loud on this one. I pray he put the nail in his own coffin so he does not get elected but sadly it will probably be a rallying call to the crazies here…

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