The Koch Network response to Covid | w/ Walker Bragman & Alex Kotch

How The Koch Network Hijacked The War On COVID
Exposed by CMD:
The Daily Poster:


The interviewees allege that Koch is motivated by:

  • an ideological need to prove that government can’t do anything vs government compensation to stay home
  • a decline in oil profits during lockdowns


  • We have not seen Herd Immunity, as the Koch Network theorized

Dem RIPS Kavanaugh for Dark Money Ties

In Sen. Whitehouse’s (D-RI) 7th speech on dark money and court capture, he exposes the dark money interests he says are tied to the FBI’s mishandling of the investigation on Justice Bret Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Fords claims that Whitehouse says ultimately led to Kavanaugh being sworn in.

Jimmy Dore – Corporate Democrats, The Iraq War, Military Industrial Complex

Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore talk about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

Source Watch: Center for Media and Demoracy

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The Koch brothers and their network of billionaires are operating with a reach and resources that exceed those of political parties and they are using that power to erode the integrity of our elections and sap taxpayer dollars away from investments in public infrastructure, education, and healthcare to benefit narrow special interests and global corporations.

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Since CMD first exposed ALEC in 2011, more than 100 corporations have dropped ALEC, including Verizon, Ford, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, General Electric, and Google. As a result of that ongoing investigation and other reporting, CMD is often contacted by whistleblowers wanting to make a difference. CMD has also researched the array of groups that are part of ALEC, including numerous Koch-funded entities and national and state “think tanks” that are affiliated with the State Policy Network.

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Jane Mayer, “Dark Money”

In her fourth book Mayer draws on court records, extensive interviews, and many private archives to examine the growing political influence of extreme libertarians among the one percent, such as the Koch brothers, tracing their ideas about taxation and government regulation and their savvy use of lobbyists to further an agenda that advances their own interests at the expense of meaningful economic, environmental, and labor reform.