European Law prohibits filming the police in Davos

Saagar takes viewers through the agenda of the 2022 World Economic Forum held in Davos that made speech restriction and controls on free speech central to the agenda for the world to see



Censorship isn’t designed to combat disinformation, it’s designed to combat dissent.
The fact that they call it a conspiracy even tho they’re coming out and saying what their intentions are is just weird
This is a perfect example of DC journalist minds set. People reporting on World Economic Forum were labeled Conspiracy Theorists because it was the easier way to discredit them. Not everyone reporting on this is a Alex Jones wanna be 😂
“Recalibration of a whole range of human rights.” No.
During a 2018 trip to Italy, our tour guide in Florence told us to be careful not to take any photos of the police who were patrolling around the historical monuments. He said specifically “this is not America – this is not a free country. if they see you take their picture, they will confiscate your camera or phone and they will not return it. you don’t have rights here” It was pretty eye opening.
>> The US gov’t confiscates property here too. We are just not at their level yet.
>> Same thing in Greece.
>> Try filming a cop in Mexico.
>> So basically….get caught filming a cop in Italy – lose a $1000 phone. Get caught filming and or just releasing US soldiers commit war crimes – lose a 1000 years of your freedom.

>>  @Keith D.  Right. The irony is that while you can’t film anyone without their consent, the overlords will be recording your every move using facial recognition software in fully automated cities. Minority Report was a sci-fi preview of what they have been working on for years now.

PLEASE SAAGAR. Read into Central Bank Digital Currency. There was a full speech on it at Davos, as well as a 200 page published paper and a Federal Reserve Paper. The battle of Free Speech will be fought on CBDCs. You can lose your ability to buy/sell certain goods and services with centralized digital currencies.
Actually, there is no such law. You’re allowed to film police as long as it does not impede their work and they are allowed to ask you to stop if they feel that it does (which is of course open to abuse, but that’s a different conversation). Other than that you are free to do so. Hate to say it Saagar but you should research more before making wild claims (which you rightly demand of many other journalists)
How is wanting to redraw the lines of our basic human rights not a Reset?
To be fair she didn’t just say “recalibrate freedom of speech”, she was saying to recalibrate the whole spectrum, from freedom of speech on one end to freedom from harm on the other
Sagaar is absolutely right in so much of this and yet utterly wrong on some details. I’m Australian and I am so grateful he’s been one of the few journalists to have reported on the WEF and their garbage. If it wasn’t for Sagaar I wouldn’t have found out that the WEF is in fact a privately owned organisation, that peddles (and makes lots of money from) providing corporate access to government officials. I am grateful he’s pointed out what an Australian government official has said at DAVOS because its NOT being covered here at all. Without Sagaar I wouldn’t know these things. I am absolutely with him on free speech, but with a proviso that willful misinformation campaigns that cause damage are policed. I’d think he’d agree there’s a problem with who and how polices what’s misinformation along with determining if it was deliberate. BUT THAT SHITTY line about people being locked up in Australia for testing positive is so dead wrong. We DID NOT lock people up in camps for testing positive. That never happened, and its damned insulting to hear it again. I had someone shove that at me yesterday. When the outbreak started we had 1000s of people caught outside the country and many in countries where COVID was out of control. When we started letting people back in it was on the provision that they spent 14 days in quarantine. When people broke quarantine like they did in July 2020 we had 500 deaths from it. We tightened up the rules and for almost a year had very few deaths. The we relaxed those rules, Omicron got lose, selfish people went nuts and we went from under 1000 to over 8000 dead. Yes Sagaar for letting a few SELFISH people get their way we lost 7,000 lives. Its like the 19 dead children and their 2 teachers in Texas because a few SELFISH people get their way. Its just like these SELFISH people in Davos who want their way which is “the elites decide everything because they know better.”
We have some pretty strict laws about recording others her in California but we have this concept called a reasonable expectation of privacy that limit recording at those times but still allow for recording in public places. I don’t think it should get any stricter than that and, at the very least, it’s very important to be able to film public officials when they are doing the jobs that we, as a society, have asked them to do for us, such as how police treat the citizens, among other things.
They have the largest CCTV system and they are uncomfortable on camera 😂
This is completely incorrect. You’re perfectly allowed to film someone in public without their consent in Europe. Just not post it if they’re recognisable and specifically refused to consent.
Davos Man by Peter S. Goodman is a great book if anyone is looking for further reading on the Davos Crowd.

Trump Arrived in Davos as a Party Wrecker. He Leaves Praised as a Pragmatist.

But a rough consensus emerged over Mr. Trump’s two-day visit that his administration had shown itself to be more pragmatic than advertised. Many were inclined to view the president’s most extreme positions as just aggressive bargaining postures.

.. “There’s a very constructive mind-set in the Trump administration to find the best path forward,” said Vas Narasimhan, global chief of drug development for Novartis

.. He left the impression that he was above all eager to woo foreign investment, as if he were leading some amped-up American Chamber of Commerce.

.. Economists note that the American economy is into its ninth year of expansion, a trend that speaks to how the aftermath from the 2008 financial crisis has finally run its course.

.. And he gained the unbridled endorsement from the man who heads the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, whose eagerness to flatter his interlocutors is legendary.

.. Whatever the optics of the head of an institution dedicated to reducing economic inequality offering his unqualified support for Mr. Trump’s tax cuts, Mr. Schwab was indeed speaking for business.