New Video Shows Kim Jong Nam’s Accused Killers Knew They Had Poison, Police Say

The new video shows that immediately after the assault, Ms. Huong and Ms. Aisyah strode quickly away in opposite directions, each walking with hands slightly raised and away from their bodies, then taking elevators down one level to separate restrooms. Both women reached the restrooms within minutes of the attack.

.. They stayed in the restrooms for about a minute, during which time each appeared to have washed her hands, a police officer said. Upon exiting the restrooms, both women relaxed their arms, striding quickly away with their hands at their sides, the video shows. Both women then left the airport.

Wan Azirul Nizam Che Wan Aziz, a police officer investigating the case, described the women’s demeanor as more relaxed after they exited the restrooms.

Kim Jong-nam killing

The well-travelled and multilingual oldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, he was once considered a potential future leader. He has lived abroad for years and was bypassed in favour of his half-brother, Kim Jong-un.

.. He later became one of the regime’s most high-profile critics, openly questioning the authoritarian policies and dynastic succession his grandfather Kim Il-sung began crafting in 1948.

Malaysian airport assassination focuses new attention on North Korean leader

This was not first attempt on Kim Jong Nam’s life. Five years ago, when he took power, Kim Jong Un issued a “standing order” to have his half brother assassinated, South Korean spy chief Lee Byung-ho told lawmakers in Seoul on Wednesday.

.. One attempt, in 2012, prompted Kim Jong Nam to send a letter to his younger brother pleading with him to “spare me and my family,” lawmakers were told.

.. Black sedans bearing North Korean diplomatic plates pulled up outside the general hospital, and the North Korean ambassador to Malaysia, Kang Chol, emerged from one. He refused to speak to reporters.

.. Police said the North Korean diplomats had tried to stop the autopsy, insisting that the body be released to them.

.. A Malaysian police official told local reporters only that the poison was “more potent than cyanide” but declined to say what exactly it was.

.. one driven by a visibly upset young man in his 20s wearing a pink T-shirt — perhaps Kim Han Sol, the most visible of Kim Jong Nam’s six children.