What was the political motive behind United States Osama Bin Laden’s killing? Why not capture him?

  1. If they had captured Osama bin Laden, what would they have done with him? Barack Obama opposed the Guantanamo Bay facility, so they would have had to keep him on United States soil. Where?
  2. If captured, he would have been tried, convicted, and executed. So not kill versus capture but kill then versus later.
  3. His trial would have been an obvious target and excuse for retaliation.
  4. His trial would have kept him in the news, encouraging more attacks.
  5. He was perceived as dangerous at the moment that he was shot. Source

    When the commandos reach Bin Laden’s room on the third floor, an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol are seen in arm’s reach of Bin Laden.

  6. While there have been times and circumstances when the US military has taken prisoners intentionally, that’s not really their job.

Burial at sea

If he had been buried on land, his grave would be a landmark. Supporters might use it as a rallying point or symbol. Opponents might vandalize it.

No grave makes it harder to focus on a location.