Why Israeli Police Are Investigating Benjamin Netanyahu

Here’s a rundown of the probes police have launched into the Israeli prime minister

They accuse Mr. Netanyahu of receiving cigars, Champagne and other gifts worth more than $280,000 from Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan and James Packer, an Australian billionaire, in return for help on visas and other issues.

.. Case 3000
Israeli police in November arrested Mr. Netanyahu’s two closest legal advisers and other members of the prime minister’s office in connection with an investigation into kickbacks for billion-dollar defense purchases. Related to the case, former defense officials have said Mr. Netanyahu suspiciously pushed through the purchase of submarines against the advice of the Defense Ministry.

.. Case 1270
Police have arrested two people on suspicion of offering a senior judge the post of attorney general in exchange for help on future cases. Israeli media said that one of the detainees in that case was Mr. Hefetz, the prime minister’s former spokesman. The media alleges he offered the role of attorney general to a legal figure in return for killing a case against Mr. Netanyahu’s wife.