Building With Workers KV, a Fast Distributed Key-Value Store

The Workers KV is a highly distributed, eventually-consistent, key value store. It will allow you to store up to a billion keys and values, and read them with ultra low latency anywhere in the world. It makes it possible to build entire applications with the performance traditionally associated with static content cached by a CDN.

What can I do with Workers KV?

First and foremost, you can build the same types of applications you build today, but in a more fault tolerant and performant way. Reading values from Workers KV is designed to have the same reliability as reading static files, making it much less likely to become unavailable than a traditional database. It’s designed to have the same performance as reading a file cached within our network, close to your users, giving it the speed of serving a static file as well.

  • .. Up to 1 billion keys per namespace
  • Keys of up to 2 kB
  • Values of up to 64 kB
  • Eventually consistent, global consistency within 10 seconds
  • 100k+ reads per second per key
  • Up to one write per second per key

We worked hard to make the pricing of Workers KV easy to understand and affordable for virtually any use case. Your $5 monthly Workers compute minimum includes 1 GB of KV storage and up to 10 million KV reads. If you use less than the 10 million included Worker requests now, you can use KV without paying a single cent more.

Beyond the minimums, Workers KV is billed at $0.50 per GB-month of additional storage and $0.50 per million additional KV reads.