David Cay Johnston, John Nichols, Joshua Green & Katy Tur Disucss The Trump Admin

Katy Tur: Donald Trump is not complicated: it’s a very simple formula — how does this affect Donald Trump

Joshua Green: Trump is an incredible intuitive politician (8:29)  Sam Nunberg gave him the idea for the wall and he tried it out in Iowa and then he riffed on it: Mexico will pay for it, No one builds like Trump.  He tries to figure out what will make the crowd roar.

19:30 He would bury one controversy with another controversy.  He would steal coverage from Obama by calling for a Muslim Ban.  During the Democratic convention, he asked Russia for help with the emails.

If there is any down time, he needs attention.

Trump wouldn’t have been president without Stephen Bannon, because Bannon brought the focus on immigration and egged him on.  After the bad publicity for the Elevator Speech, Bannon had him pay a visit to the border.  Bannon had spent years studying how to tear down Hillary.

Bannon, as a finance and Hollywood guy, had a lot of experience manipulating rich men.

28:04” : You can’t calculate how much WikiLeaks helped Trump:  October 7, the day that the Access Hollywood tape came out,  a few hours later the John Podesta emails were leaked.  And the leaks came out every day until the election.

Donald and Stephen Bannon really like propaganda.

Donald Trump was a pioneer of Fake News.  He would call Tabloids (Rupert Murdoch’s papers) and make up affairs with Kim Bassinger, Madonna, Carla Bruni.

Donald Trump was too much of a good story and he did/didn’t know who he was.

David Clay Johnson: the New York Times never scrutinized his drug/mafia connections. (40 minutes)

The media isn’t capable of dealing with the Presidency

You can’t say I’m not going to write about today’s story because I haven’t finished reporting on yesterday’s outrage  (44 min)

Katy Tur Is Tougher Than She Looks

The NBC correspondent’s swift and surprising rise
at the network mirrored that of the presidential
candidate she covered and occasionally battled with.

.. And I’m a big believer in reporting from the outside. I’ve always been an outsider. I think being in the White House press corps, it’s difficult to do the sort of journalism that I would want to do.”
.. “Katy is old-school in the best ways,” her boss, Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, said. “She’s tough, edgy, and operates with one guiding mission: Chase the facts. And you can’t rattle her. No matter what’s thrown at her, she stays focused, digs in and gets answers.”
.. Norah O’Donnell, an anchor of “CBS This Morning” and a contributor to “60 Minutes,” told me: “The hardest thing to do is to report the truth in the face of taunting, and Katy did that. The sky’s the limit for her.”
.. She stumbles over names and words, but I don’t see that as a liability. It makes her human, and she brings also a sense of earnestness and candor.”
.. Her cutting wit, which she underscores with a sharply raised eyebrow, comes through occasionally.
.. Katharine Bear Tur was born Oct. 26, 1983, in Los Angeles County. Her parents, Bob Tur, a pilot and reporter, and her mother, Marika Gerrard, a photographer, founded the Los Angeles News Service to cover police raids, fires, plane crashes and chaos there. From their helicopter, they scored some of the first TV images of O. J. Simpson’s Bronco chase in 1994 and the beating of Reginald Denny, a truck driver,
.. Ms. Tur showed a knack for reporting early on. A family video taken when she was 4 years old shows her looking much as she does today, long blondish hair, aquiline nose, wide mouth, sidling up to her 2-year-old brother, Jamie, with a microphone in hand, asking him questions.
.. She planned to study medicine when she enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but switched to philosophy and art. She found she was not all that serious about art, but debates over free will can get her blood pumping to this day.