The Post Pours Some Sugar on Gary Cohn

Trump’s economic adviser is faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings in a single bound, we’re told.

.. Known inside the trade as “beat sweeteners” or “source greasers,” such praiseful articles lavish flattery upon officials in hopes that the subject will come to trust the reporter and return the favor in the future by leaking inside skinny or providing other access.

.. Conservative press critics can’t shut up about liberal media bias, but for my money the enduring bias in the Washington press is for moderation, centrism and bipartisanship. If a politician or policymaker signals a willingness to make deals in Washington—no matter what the deal—the press will treat him like a wise and worldly figure.

.. Wall Street Journal editorial in Friday’s edition pegs Cohn—accurately, I think—as a “pragmatic Wall Street Democrat

.. Cohn’s smartest move has been to position himself inside the Trump administration as the anti-Bannon

.. Cohn has already convinced willing scribes that he’s an effective power broker.

.. struggled with dyslexia

.. If Cohn makes that leap—and given current White House disarray, that’s more than possible—he would make a most excellent source.