The dark source of Roger Ailes’s power

he was trotting out his standard case about the lack of respect he received in New York, despite his immense professional accomplishments.

.. They all look down their noses at me.” Roger was having trouble making his point, though, because of the parade of well-wishers who kept interrupting to shake his hand, kibitz and flatter

.. “Kind of undermines your point, doesn’t it? Half this restaurant is kissing your ring.” “Yeah,” he replied without irony. “But they hate doing it.”

.. That worldview of unending grievance was the cornerstone

.. The Internet did not, as is so often alleged, usher in the siloed media environment.

.. Ailes did that — by proving that there is money, influence and power to be found in serving well-defined interest groups instead of trying to please the widest possible audience.

.. Ailes knew that repetition is the key to buy-in

.. The channel’s ideological prism also insulated Fox News from the bane of traditional outlets — the slow news day

.. Producers could always unearth obscure stories that would be judged trivial by traditional journalistic standards and fit them into a larger narrative about the assault on values

.. The War on Christmas, anyone?

.. “But if you try to come after me from the right, I’ll have to kill you.”

.. he had a different objective: turn talking points into news items for millions of persuadable eyeballs.