Terry Glavin: Enter the Freeland-Nazi conspiracy — and the amping-up of Russia’s mischief in Canada

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s ambitious young foreign affairs minister, is secretly itching to draw Canada into a showdown with Russia because of the seething hatreds she inherited from her Ukrainian grandfather, a Nazi collaborator and war profiteer she never told us about. She’s been lying about her family’s sordid past all along, and she’s been lying to Canadians about what’s really going on in Ukraine. She’s dangerous.

.. The Monday announcement was overshadowed by the gathering pace of the Freeland conspiracy theory, however, and by Freeland’s own chilling caution that Canada should expect to be targeted by the same mischief of Russian disinformation that the Kremlin has used to target the United States and Europe.

.. You see how it works? Instead of headlines about Canada’s response to Russia’s brutal violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and the 10,000 lives lost to Vladimir Putin’s thuggish belligerence, we’re being entertained by salacious innuendo about Chrystia Freeland and encouraged to question whether it is only because of that scheming harridan’s Russophobic impetuousness that we’re being so beastly to the Russians in the first place.

.. Kremlin-friendly smear campaigns

.. a Moscow-based freelancer, John Helmer. Back in the 1980s, in Washington, D.C., Helmer found himself at the centre of a maelstrom of allegations that he was a KGB asset. He left for Russia almost immediately thereafter, and has worked in Moscow ever since.

The other man is the notorious far-right Luxembourg-based Polish “analyst” Stanislas Balcerac.