The stench of Trump’s self-dealing

The political system is rigged for the richest insiders in America.

When we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? It’s the comfortable politician only looking out for his own interest. It is the lobbyist who knows how to put that perfect loophole in every single bill to get richer and richer and richer at your expense.

The richest Americans are paying nothing, and it is ridiculous. These guys shift paper around, and they get lucky. These hedge-fund guys are getting away with murder, when you have one who is making $200 million a year and paying very low taxes. It’s not fair. And it tells people a lot. The middle class is getting absolutely destroyed. This country won’t have a middle class soon. It’s got to end.

.. What fools Trump made of those Midwestern voters who wanted the reality star to go after Washington and New York elites. As “Too Big to Fail” author Andrew Ross Sorkin reported this week, “If you’re a billionaire with your own company and are happy to use your private jet so you can ‘commute’ from a low-tax state, the plan is a godsend. . . .
.. Those rich insiders whom Trump walloped on his way to the White House will get more than 80 percent of this tax plan’s benefits at the end of a decade.
.. such a massive giveaway to the very hedge-fund managers and real estate executives he promised as a candidate to confront only adds to the stench of self-dealing that engulfs all things Trump. Like autocrats across the world, the 45th American president has perfected the art of the self-deal... There will be no justification for having thrown on an additional $1.5 trillion to our existing $20 trillion debt — at a time when unemployment was low, consumer confidence was high and Wall Street was setting records by the day.

.. It should be painfully obvious to a first-year economics student that there is no rational reason to pass massive tax breaks for billionaires when the economy is humming along. The only justification can be political.

.. Trump was right to say then that the political system is rigged for the richest of Americans. Unfortunately, it is now Trump’s working-class supporters who will pay the highest price for believing any promise that tumbled out of the mouth of the phony plutocratic populist.


Trump’s Strange Beliefs

But in January, shortly before his inauguration, Mr. Trump told a Republican senator that he wanted to investigate the recording that had him boasting about grabbing women’s genitals. “We don’t think that was my voice,” Mr. Trump told the senator, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Since then, Mr. Trump has continued to suggest that the tape that nearly upended his campaign was not actually him, according to three people close to the president.

.. But in January, shortly before his inauguration, Mr. Trump told a Republican senator that he wanted to investigate the recording that had him boasting about grabbing women’s genitals. “We don’t think that was my voice,” Mr. Trump told the senator, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Since then, Mr. Trump has continued to suggest that the tape that nearly upended his campaign was not actually him, according to three people close to the president.

.. Americans have to hope that Trump is just shooting his mouth off and doesn’t actually believe that his predecessor was a secret infiltrator from Kenya, that his voice was mimicked on the Access Hollywood tape, and that MSNBC’s morning show is hosted by a modern-day Jack the Ripper. If the president really thinks those things, then invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment doesn’t seem so unthinkable.

Ivanka and Jared, move back to New York

Long before their father’s election, the Trump children enjoyed a stellar reputation among most Manhattan influencers for being hard-working and well raised. They possessed few of the flaws too easily recognizable in other wealthy and well-connected kids.

Often, conversations that centered on the boorish behavior of Trump himself would end with someone citing his children as a mitigating factor against whatever severe judgments were being handed down.

.. In a recent tweet, she declared that she would be “serving alongside John Kelly,” just as the retired four-star Marine general let it be known that all access to the Oval Office would go through him. The real estate heiress not only appeared to be claiming the West Wing as her territory, but she also betrayed a troubling sense of entitlement that one might expect from other billionaires’ daughters but not this one.

.. Though Donald Trump might be loath to admit it, Kushner did much to elect his father-in-law. By quietly building a successful online fundraising and targeting operation far beyond his candidate’s comprehension, Kushner gave Trump a fighting chance to keep the 2016 presidential race close, in the hope that lightning would strike at the right time. It did. And that’s when Kushner’s problems began.

.. Trump’s shocking victory led his son-in-law to believe he could reinvent government like Al Gore, micromanage the White House like James Baker and restructure the Middle East like Moses.

.. Vice presidents, not daughters, should sit in G-20 summits. And a secretary of state should broker Middle East peace. Not an inexperienced 36-year-old son-in-law.

Will Anthony Scaramucci Hunt Down West Wing Globalists Who Leak to Joe Scarborough?

After Scarborough recently accused Trump of blackmailing him regarding a story in the National Enquirer about his relationship with now-fiancee Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough refused to release the text messages with Jared Kushner that he claimed to have.

 “I’m told by a person close to Scarborough he doesn’t want to show these text messages because he views these people as sources—anonymous sources—and he doesn’t want to burn them,” CNN’s Brian Stelter revealed at the time. “We’ll see if that changes. I think it will help to have some evidence.”

.. As Breitbart News noted at the time, “it has been established that Scarborough communicates with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Scarborough has also effusively praised H.R. McMaster, Trump’s establishment Republican national security adviser, and Gary Cohn, Trump’s top economic adviser who was a former Goldman Sachs executive.” Cohn also reportedly donated to Hillary Clinton and is a registered Democrat. Scarborough has also backed Dina Powell, and Brzezinski told the New York Times she was responsible for Powell being in the White House.

.. Scaramucci trashed White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to Lizza but strangely did not have anything bad to say about his friend Powell and Messrs. Kushner, Cohn, and McMaster.

If Scaramucci is concerned about damaging leaks coming from the West Wing, he could start by rooting out the White House’s Morning Joe leakers.



No, I don’t realize that. But even if that were so, Trump is smart enough to know that we, the people, are firmly in the Bannon wing of the White House.


.. I think he knows, but is fighting a two front battle within his own administration, between his globalist friends and family, and the populists he absolutely needs if he expects to get reelected. We’ll see how it all turns out, won’t we.


.. Trump brought Mooch in to get rid of Bannon & Priebus. You would literally have to be living in fantasy land not to see that. If Trump still wanted either of those men in The White House, he would never have allowed Mooch to go after them like he did.

The interview over the phone with the New Yorker was “on record”. The reporter asked Mooch repeatedly if he wanted to stay “on record” he said he did.

Do you honestly think this guy just waltzed into The White House & completely of his own accord, with no backing from Trump, decided to say these things? If he didn’t have Trump’s complete approval…

1/ He would never have dared to do it.
2/ Trump would have fired him immediately.

Bannon & Priebus are definitely on their way out the door. Trump is done with both of them… he got what he wanted, especially from Bannon & now he wants him out the door.


.. I never said he didn’t start winning then. But, if he still had any loyalty or any long term plans for Bannon then why did he allow this to happen?

Seriously, most people by now must realise Trump is not the sharpest tool in the box or the bravest, but he is devious & cunning on a gutter level & he ALWAYS gets somebody else to do the dirty stuff for him… Enter Mr Mooch…. Exit Bannon & Priebus.

Trumps is in The White House now. Next step on his agenda…. move his administration to a more centralist position, therefore allowing him to then appeal to a more wealthy, global audience of voters & he’s set for another 4 year term without ever having to bother pleasing the people who originally voted him in.


.. Jared Kushner has been panhandling world leaders trying to get them to bail out 666 5th Ave. Ivanka has tried to profit off of her daddy’s job too.

I don’t care if Ivanka and Jared are there to be Trumps caregiver or sitter or whatever. But they are both card carrying Davos liberal globalists, and therefore shouldn’t be given policy positions.


.. Is Scaramucci even a republican? Why is a populist White House admin stocked with liberal NY globalists? No one has ever been able to answer that question satisfactorily.


.. The Mooch is an opportunist. Like Trump he has a singular ideology. Himself. He is neither populist nor democrat nor republican or conservative. He is for one thing..himself.


.. Well we disagree on currency but Trump already told us why he likes Goldman guys because they are rich. And not sure what any of this has to do with his comms director but ok.