10 Things Only Rule Followers Will Understand

If “rules are meant to be broken” is a motto you internally call bullsh*t on, then you’re a rule follower.

I say internally because being a rule follower is not something we all want to admit to. We’d like to admit that our lives are actually exciting and that we’re badass like that…but we’re not.

We are die hard rule-followers:

  1. Friends get nervous whenever the board games come out because you ain’t messing around. You’re the one to always yell out the rules when needed and it is vital, especially when it comes to Uno.
  2. You never jaywalk because you have been nearly ran over by a taxicab the minute you attempted it. So nope, you are not dying today.
  3. You have pretended to jaywalk whenever you were with friends at one point, so you wouldn’t be the odd one out. It consisted of you running for your life to other side of the street so you won’t get hit by any magical cars that are bound to come out of no where.
  4. You’re considered the “mom” or “dad” of in your group of friends because you’re always the one taking care of them. You’re there to tell them what tea to drink when they’re sick, where to go whenever they need help with financial aid, and when its time to leave the club and take an uber whenever they get drunk. Trust me, they love you for it.
  5. You’re a “please and thank you” kind of person and it annoys the crap out of people because you end up sounding a bit like Hermione Granger in her know-it-all phase. But you can’t help it if it was a ride or die type of rule your parents stamped in your mind during childhood. Plus, it’s polite.
  6. You have a hard head but you love it because being stubborn has made you ambitious and a bit of an alpha.
  7. You have no chill which is why you surround yourself with chill friends because they’re there to quiet you down every time you panic over the small things like being late for work or going past deadline.
  8. You always identify with characters on TV like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation because you understand his struggle with going by the rules without looking like a square.
  9. Being right is a euphoria because you just can’t be wrong, especially if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do…but sometimes you are wrong.
  10. You’ve tried to be edgy, but it just didn’t make the cut for you. Let’s face it, you were meant to live life sitting on the ledge instead of being on edge and that’s okay.