Hillary’s anti-Trump

His independence has also been called into question by some, including for his relationship with defense giant Northrop Grumman, where he chairs an international advisory board.

.. But throughout his career, Stavridis built a reputation as a leading strategic thinker — not unlike his Army counterpart, General David Petraeus.

.. In many ways, Stavridis, who remains one of the most prolific writers to come out of the military and is frequently published in foreign policy magazines and blogs, is the anti-Trump.

.. In an interview last October, he directly refuted Trump’s assertion that 9/11 — when Stavridis himself narrowly avoided the attack on the Pentagon — was a failure of immigration policy since the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

“9/11 was not a failure of immigration policy, 9/11 was a failure of intelligence & imagination,” Stavridis told Fox News Radio. “We couldn’t imagine our way to what happened. We didn’t have the appropriate means of collecting intelligence. I don’t think immigration would have solved that.”