How did Jackie Kennedy feel about JFK’s numerous affairs?

Jackie’s mother had drilled into her that she should marry for money, and even broke up Jackie’s first engagement (to a stockbroker) because she thought the young man wasn’t rich enough.  Jackie learned the lesson well, since her stepfather, Hugh Auchincloss, was wealthy but didn’t spend a dime on his stepchildren if they had fathers who could be dunned for child support.  She also knew that her father, who lost much of his fortune because of his divorce and the Depression, wasn’t going to leave her much money.
.. Still, it was impossible to escape the evidence of Jack’s philandering.  There’s a story that she once found a pair of panties in her White House bedroom and handed them to Jack, saying coolly, “Can you find out where these came from?  They’re not my size.”  By long-standing tradition, the White House Chief Usher gave each departing First Lady his log book which contained the name of everyone who had visited the White House during her husband’s presidency.  The log book would have contained the names of all the women who had been with Jack.  The Chief Usher gave the book not to Jackie, but to Robert Kennedy.