Is It Time for Netanyahu to Resign Yet?

That evening, a recording surfaced of Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair partying in strip clubs and making lewd jokes. It produced a scandal. The prime minister was forced to respond, of course, to this affair. No doubt, it was a distraction — and from something important: According to reports, the same night the younger Netanyahu was exposed as an imbecile, the Israeli air force was attacking Syrian military installations, the kind of attack that most likely requires the prime minister’s authorization — and his attention.

.. The prime minister is under investigation for corruption.

.. when Ehud Olmert, Mr. Netanyahu’s predecessor as prime minister, was in legal trouble. “No place of work — surely not the prime minister’s office — can afford a manager who spends most of his time consulting with his attorneys,”

.. He is suspected of illegally receiving gifts; he is suspected of negotiating a deal with a newspaper magnate in exchange for favorable coverage. His closest aides were investigated in connection with a corruption scandalconcerning the purchase of submarines from Germany.

.. All of our recent prime ministers faced criminal investigation:

  1. Mr. Netanyahu, during his first spell in office in the mid-1990s,
  2. followed by Ehud Barak,
  3. followed by Ariel Sharon,
  4. followed by Ehud Olmert.

Foreign Officials Say Trump’s Plan for Jerusalem Is at Odds with Peace Efforts

Mr. Macron said the question of Jerusalem “should be resolved in the framework of peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” his office said.

.. Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., said in an interview with Politico published Monday that declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel would “lay a cornerstone for peace because what it says is that under any peace agreement in the future, Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel.”

.. Jerusalem was divided in 1948 when Israel was founded, with Israel controlling the western parts of the city and Jordan controlling the eastern parts, including the Old City and its sacred sites for Muslims, Jews and Christians. Israel seized control of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War and eventually annexed the occupied parts of the city—something most of the international community refuses to recognize.

.. Mr. Trump got unusually involved in a National Security Council meeting last week about Jerusalem, where U.S. officials said he was frustrated and urged aides to find a way to make good on his campaign promise to move the embassy.

.. By making an announcement about Jerusalem without moving the U.S. Embassy right away, the Trump administration may be looking for a way for the president to demonstrate his commitment without sabotaging peace talks.

.. The administration also could be gambling that any protests will be short-lived and that the Palestinians would find they have no choice but to eventually return to negotiations.

.. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a global group currently led by Saudi Arabia, warned that the U.S. would “lose the legal and moral high ground and its mediating role” if it made the expected announcement about Jerusalem.

To Stop North Korea, Act Like Israel

So far, these crime bosses have been masterful at circumventing the sanctions that have primarily hurt the enslaved North Korean population.

That’s why the United States and its allies ought to take a page from an Israeli playbook and wage financial warfare against Mr. Kim and his cabal.

.. The notion behind using money as a weapon against terrorism belonged to Meir Dagan, a legendary soldier and spymaster who developed the idea in the nascent days of Israel’s fight against Hamas and terror groups supported by Yasir Arafat’s Palestinian Authority.

Mr. Dagan rightly believed that money was the oxygen that fueled the groups’ suicide bombing campaign against Israel. If Israeli security services could suffocate the funds that paid for the bloodshed, the attacks would stop.

.. Harpoon targeted the banks that held accounts belonging to Palestinian terrorist commanders, and the unit encouraged lawyers — including me — to launch suits in United States federal court seeking monetary damages for victims of state sponsors of terror

.. Harpoon went after Hezbollah’s cocaine business in Venezuela and in Lebanon, as well as its money-laundering activities in West Africa and America.

.. And when the Hezbollah hierarchy was cash strapped, Harpoon targeted the financial institutions that allowed the terrorists to move their cash across continents, ultimately shutting down the Lebanese Canadian Bank

.. Most military commanders acknowledge that there are very few, if any, feasible solutions to today’s standoff with Pyongyang. The only effective path is to unleash an offensive press against Kim’s inner circle.

.. This effort ought to include a full-court press of dirty tricks, coercion, heavy-handed threats and even direct action, all covert and deniable, against Kim’s financial wizards who handle the finances, dispense the narcotics and hijack Bitcoins.

.. Only when the money dries up will the loyalty of the men in Kim’s inner circle be compromised and cut away. The North Korean dictator will then be under enormous pressure to do whatever he can to alleviate the effects of the spies tapping into his cash and control.