If an INFJ and INTJ like alone time so much, how do they ever end up together?

As an INTJ; I love my alone time. However, I am not secluded and disconnected from the rest of society. With INFJs, we just get each other. Our introverted intuitions mean I can explain how I got to Z from A; and the INFJ would fill in the blank. Its refreshing.

As to how we end up together; I can’t say I know for sure. There isn’t a secret formula, or a hidden frequency we broadcast to attract other types we may deem compatible with. I personally like to scan the horizon before approaching someone. May this be at school, at a party, or during a work meeting. I don’t like being that one person in the corner by myself. I look at how they behave, how they act, how they speak; and usually the person I end up with can turn out to be an INFJ among two or three other types.

While initially I may spend just some time with just about any personality type; 2 min with the ENFJ, 2 min with the ENFP and 2 min with the INFJ; I usually find the 2 min I spent with the INFJ to be more fulfilling to the point where I may want to drag the 2 min to 5 min to 2 hours; and before we know it, we are both leaving our bubbles to create a new one to accommodate the other person.

Why Introverts Are Better at Sales Than Extroverts

Back in the day, salespeople needed to be extroverted simply to survive. Today, not so much.

.. Back in the day, salespeople needed to be extroverts, because most new sales opportunities evolved from cold calling, originally in person, but later by telephone.

.. Inbound or email marketing, however, demands an ability to research a customer, see the world from the customer’s perspective, and adapt to the customer’s situation and specific response–all skills that come easier to introverts than extroverts.