Why INTJ Women are Attractive (for some)

There is just something different about her.

She isn’t the best dressed, the best looking, or the funniest.

It’s something else.

There is a confidence to her, yet it is never forced. She isn’t shy, but still prefers to be alone. She can tell she is different, and it makes her uncomfortable.

She can’t help it.

She walks into any room completely and totally herself.

They call her arrogant.

She speaks to everyone the same way, regardless of their authority or popularity.

They call her difficult.

She speaks from her heart and is passionate about life, always asking questions others either don’t think about or are too afraid to mutter – Always in search of truth.

They call her rude.

She holds herself to a high standard, and others as well. She wants to help people, but people don’t want to be helped.

They call her judgmental.

She leans towards misanthropy, but still strives to better humanity.

They call her cynical.

She is everything they are not.