Do INTJs fall in love quickly?

Fall in love? Depending on your definition. We are just like other humans when we see a person we all of a sudden… notices they pop out of the crowd; however, apparently, not like other humans, reason kicks in. Which leads to if you are referring to “fall in love” as in a MUCH more deeper sense and true sense of the word- no we don’t fall in love. We fall in love literally one step at a time- one check mark at a time. Do you meet our criteria for an ideal spouse? What does our hypothetical future together look like? Usually we think through that last one at first meeting- with ANYONE (not just for spouse “approval” but also if “friend approval”- meaning if we would work well as friends, etc). On top of that, INTJ’s have their own subjective lists and preferences that a potential spouse must fit. Why? It’s forever… or so we are seeking. As this next picture will end with- we don’t fall into love easily, but we fall into love hard. Found some pics to help explain:

And some funny pics to go along with this:

How romantic are INTJs?

I answered this somewhere else quite awhile back, but I’ll share my experience.

INTJ’s are not conventionally romantic like we see in Hallmark movies or on Valentine’s Day. Quite the opposite actually.

What comes across as romantic to me, is their total devotion to understanding their chosen one by studying them with an almost obsessive intensity. They want to know every aspect of you in the deepest, broadest, most accurate way possible. Part of this is because they want to understand and please you, and the other part is because they don’t like surprises and need to feel secure before they let you into their rich inner world. They absolutely will not show their soft underbelly to just anyone.

No other type goes to the lengths I have seen an INTJ go to, in order to bring you into their world.

Their whole being is authentically romantic if you define romance the way I have experienced it. Keep your Hallmark cards and obligatory flowers on Valentine’s Day. I’ll take the exquisiteness of an INTJ’s version of romance any day of the year. They don’t do obligatory. They act when they feel it, and if they feel it, it’s deep.