How to avoid burnout as an INTJ? I usually always push myself to work harder, but these last years i always ended up feeling burnt out at one point of the school year. It’s kind of draining lots of my energy, and making my studies a bit harder as well. I just can’t help but study until i reach my breaking point. I could use some piece of advice :)

ENFP here. I work in hospice and have had patients with INTJ preferences. They tend to struggle the most with loneliness and nihilism at the end of life. This is often the result of a lifetime of intellectual or career obsession that dwarfed their maintenance of close relationships and spiritual exploration. Hard work is fine, it can even be fun, but when it comes at the expense of your health, happiness or close relationships…you will lose every time. As someone who spends her life with the dying, the best advice I have is to remember is that your body and brain will eventually deteriorate and pass on, but energy does not disappear, it simply changes form. Don’t waste your life on burn out and misery in order to gain temporal advantage. Enjoy the moment and remember that matter doesn’t really matter…when you die, you aren’t taking any of it with you.