What keeps INTJs interested in a relationship? What makes them lose interest?

INTJ are solo creatures. We’re not driven to partner. We don’t need to, we’re already complete.

Because we don’t have to have a relationship, we’re able to negotiate from the power position. Our freedom from need allows us to pursue our wish list.

INTJs are both perceivers (Ni) and goal oriented (J). INTJs are attracted to people who are both open to possibilities and able to focus in order to get sh*t done.

Plainly, both an open mind and task driven behavior is key to the INTJ heart.

Turn offs are: complacency, mental dogmas, logical fallacies, putting the INTJ into a box, boxes of any sort really, assumptions, endless perditions, negative compliance, dependency, chemical dependencies, lack of emotional discernment, lack of purpose etc.

In a nutshell:

Creator mindset = good

Consumer mindset = bad

INTJs, what exactly do you want and why?

As an INTJ I really want honesty to be honest. I want people to be rational, to say things the way they actually are instead of being “nice” and trying not to hurt.

I also want to be free and live on my own terms and conditions without no one telling me who, what, when, where, why I do whatever the hell I do in my life.

I also want to know EVERYTHING, good and bad about this world. I feel like TOO MUCH things are hidden from us and though the reality might not be all pink vanilla roses, i’d rather know everything than blindly and illogically believe what people want me to believe.

I also want to be understood more. Very few people understand me and most just say I’m crazy… for what?

So yeah and unfortunately, that’s the sort of thing I may never get.