What makes INTJ one of the cooler personalities in MBTI?

Once they have been on the planet long enough for their principles and values to be defined, the vast majority of INTJs are very stable in life. They have figured out what matters to them and live their lives on a straight line connecting where they are to where they want to be. No distractions. No wasted time, energy, or effort.

Sure, that may sound uneventful and downright boring to a lot of people? Not at all. There is so much to learn and figure out.. so many different ways to refine things into something better, more useful, or more user friendly.

Beneath the aloof disposition is a huge heart that wants everybody and everything to work together at the best of its possible potential. INTJs see when things are not running smoothly. And, they see why. And, they see the desired end product. And, they see what repair, or adjustment, or compromise needs to be made. They don’t play games or manipulate or deceive. Too much confusion and dysfunction in that approach, and it gets in the way of getting things done!

Compared to other personalities, INTJs do not stay stuck on things for very long. They will either figure out the issue, or they will determine that there is no possible solution, and will devote their energy elsewhere so that it will make a positive difference.

Once they get past that awkward self-defining, conceited, condescending, know-it-all-and-want-you-to-know-it phase, INTJs settle in to an aura of quiet confidence and conviction. They don’t get caught up in trendy fads, drama, or the natural ebb and flow that changes peoples minds on a constant basis. INTJs have keener vision and see beyond the hype. When many get lost in possibilities, an INTJ has already already done the math, checked it twice, and will be waiting for the rest to figure it out for themselves.

Some people find that to be very cool. Others find that same quality to be annoying and somewhat intimidating. There is no future in insecurity. Do more with the time!

Some INTJs are cool about their coolness. Others are at the extremes of frustration with the world for not seeing the issues and not caring enough to want things to be better, or, at the other end, they have given up and stopped trying to help. The worst of the INTJs have snapped and become bitter, turning their backs on the hopelessness of fighting a winless battle. That is not cool at all.

The coolest of the INTJs are the ones who live their lives in the background and use the power of their minds to care for the greater good of humanity. They have a soft spot for those who are very close to thememotional investment is a whole new dimension of coolness! If you want somebody who will happly place your future success and contentment in the center of their universe, bond with the soul of a healthy INTJ. (They are going to make you work for it!)

INTJs will make your life amazing in ways you never even imagined.. All they ask in return is that you keep improving. Sounds fair, right?

How To Improve As An INTJ – INTJs – 5 Tips To Be a Healthier and Happier INTJ

How to improve as an intj, in this video there are 5 meaningful and genuine ways INTJs could improve, If you are an INTJ this video might be very helpful, so stay until the end of the video, every point is valuable and can make a real difference in your life.

INTJs may wonder why others can not see how the future could be better, but that is because they don’t have introverted intuition.