Do INTJs like attention?

Sort of.

We like attention that is accolades for our work.

We prefer to learn of these accolades in private.

We would be super happy to get that Nobel Prize, but would not want to be recognized on the street. We would love to write best selling literature, but we do not enjoy the book signing tour. We would love getting the Oscar, but we would hate the afterparty.

We also love being proven right, but we also hate being proven right because it means people never listen to our advice. We would prefer a “thanks for the great advice, everything turned out well,” instead of silently watching the slow moving trainwreck that didn’t need to happen.

My advice: find a smart INTJ, ask for advice, follow it. Ask for all the possible outcomes that could potentially occur and likelihood of all.

Everyone likes attention, but people differ in the kind of attention they prefer.