Q&A: Bill Gates on How to Stop Global Warming

It’s the poorer people in tropical zones who will get really hit by climate change — as well as some ecosystems, which nobody wants to see disappear. This is a global thing, and it’s really hard for people to get their minds around the amount of reduction required. Every year we’re increasing the amount of CO2 we put out, and yet we’re talking about an 80 percent reduction. To make that happen, the rich world is going to have to be way down — way down — in energy use.

Sidenotes in NYMag Jon Stewart Interview

I was very interested in the generational aspect, that his father had been imprisoned by the shah and his sister by Khomeini.5 There was a universal aspect to it — the absurdity of totalitarian regimes. And Maziar didn’t demonize his torturer, he humanized him because, in his mind, if you view them as monsters you can’t fight them.

.. That venue feels like an Establishment vehicle. They run on access. There’s a certain symbiosis with politicians. I am a part of an Establishment but in a slightly different element. We’ll do certain bits that would be disqualifying in terms of that person ever talking to us again, and I’ll say to other people on the staff, “You know, what’s nice about this show is that when I leave, I’ll leave with no friends but you people.”

Leo Laport with Ted Nelson

actor on stage and tv
wrote plays, magazine, med, book, record

grand father self published. If you want to say something original, you have to publish it yourself

wikipedia is a bening fruad, you don’t edit it, you submit to the hidden editors

had difficulty talking to people who I didn’t think were bright, or conventional

lost 15 years of my life

Steve Wozniak says Computer Lib inspired him
Bill Gates says Computer Lib was on his mind

1972: early word processor competing with the WANG
1988: Autodesk: Roger Gregory was overthrown by the inmates
Roger Gregory is still working on it

Why is non-linear better?
This is the medium I want to write in.
I think that’s how a lot of people’s minds work

History is not linear. It is a cataract of
Parallel pages is a better way of presenting history
Every medium can be overwhelming, but it is important for the recipient to be able to adjust the flow rate

This is called “Open Zanadu”

I’m not good at presenting in person because of my impatience

It is “systems humanists,” that seeks human goals I seek, for which I use technical means

Intertwingular is en example of an intertwining and

Jobs was a psychopath, he understood the user

You can put two books side by side. You can’t do that on a kindle.

on gmail, all sorts of things pop up, as they keep adding things

Aristotle imposed a hierarchy on everything

Hericytes: everything is a river, you’re never in the same one twice

transclusion: inclusion of content, across a document boundary
it appeals to a certain mind that is willing to travel down paths

more interesting than reading a book with footnotes
Ted’s example: history of France done in parallel
Histomap in 1930s: 5ft long, hung on the wall: last 5000 years, parallel view

pioneer in media

what is undone that you want to do? ha ha ha

very few leisure pursuits. Spends time at the screen.

Alan Alda’s Interviewing Tips for Uncovering Business Requirement

Be curious, but not too smart. Skilled interviewers must be curious. Alda has a natural interest in science, but he warns of the “too-smart syndrome” where interviewers think they’re nearly as well versed in the subject as interviewees:

Perhaps you’ve observed too-smart interviewers. Their questions tend to be long-winded, often eliciting blank stares or responses like “What was the question again?” Interviewers who try to impress others are missing the point. Ask simple, straightforward questions and you’ll have a better chance of understanding complex concepts.

  • Prior to the interview, send out an announcement describing the high-level discussion topics and confirming the interview time and place. Don’t attach a detailed questionnaire to this meeting notice. You can’t achieve a conversational flow if you’re reviewing questionnaire results-presuming anyone bothers to complete the survey.
  • Interview questions prepared in advance are fallback devices, used only if uncomfortable lulls occur in conversations or to ensure key points are covered before ending sessions.
  • Most good conversations tend to wander, so remember your session goals and steer conversations back on track if you stray too far from core issues. Stay at a relatively high level in the interview’s early stages.
  • “There’s one skill that I really make use of in a big way, and that is listening. If you don’t listen deeply, the connection won’t take place…. [You have to be] willing to be changed by the person you’re listening to, where you’re not just waiting for a pause so you can say your thing, but you’re actually letting them have an effect on you if they can.”