David Axelrod Interviews Ta Nehisi Coats

I believed that black people had interior lives that had not been articulated.

Wanted to describe, name the emotions that they had.  Wanted people to recognize that he had captured their emotions.

We defended Marion Barry, but privately we were like “come on”.  With Barak you didn’t have to defend him, offer excuses.  They’re twice as good, better than you.

It’s like when you have cancer and die of pneumonia.  Hillary was not a good candidate. (50 min).  Obama had an economic argument.

Every cohort voted for Trump, but fewer college educated whites voted than previously.

Ta-Nehasis: Its scary that racism was overlooked.

He has a certain genius for exploiting certain fault lines.

In the 1940s in the South, how many people were really rabidly racist, and how many were just going a long (59 min)

I saw the forerunners at the Palin rallies in 2008.