What are some scientifically proven facts about intelligent people?

  1. Staying up late is a sign of high intelligence as they experience increased brain activity at night
  2. Being funny and a high sense of humor is a sign of high intelligence
  3. More than half of the population in the world have just average intelligence.
  4. Intelligent people always want to know more about world.
  5. Intellectuals go to sleep late and get up late
  6. Highly intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person.
  7. Talking to yourself is the sign of high intelligence
  8. They underestimate themselves more than ignorant people.
  9. They are Open Minded.
  10. They are less likely to keep traditional values.
  11. Grades and Age don’t determine Intelligence.
  12. Worrying too much is associated with high intelligence.
  13. Intelligent People are likely to avoid conflict. They notice everything but tend to say nothing.
  14. They are very good liars as it requires many complex calculations to cover up lies.
  15. Highly intelligent people are socially awkward.
  16. Highly intelligent people are more faithful than others.

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Author :—Khushboo Khan

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