INFJ EMPATH versus SIGMA INFJ | How To Tell the Difference

INFJ EMPATH versus SIGMA INFJ | How To Tell the Difference. You might have seen numerous documentaries and educational posts about what sigma INFJs and INFJ empaths are. But do you have any idea what sets them apart from each other? These differences, noticeable or unnoticeable, can affect their daily lives in ways they might not realize. So, what are these differences?

Both INFJ types have a wide range of strange abilities that move people’s hearts and astound the world. Although there are several differences in their perspectives and the way they interact with others, none of those differences would make them less INFJ. Are you a sigma or an empath? Do you think it’s possible for INFJs to have both qualities?

00:00 INTRO
00:27 10 Mysterious vs. inspirational
01:26 09 INFJ empaths inspire collective efforts while sigma INFJ types do their own thing
02:21 08 INFJ empaths manifest love through emotional support while sigma INFJ types express it through hard work
03:29 07 Different ways in cherishing their human existence
04:21 06 INFJ empaths use empathy to mend the broken, while sigma INFJ types use empathy to investigate
05:12 05 Attracts narcissists vs. scares narcissists away
06:01 04 The reason why they crave solitude differs
06:56 03 Differences in how they express their thoughts
07:45 02 Level of emotional independence
08:20 01 Sigma INFJ types pride themselves on their invisibility, while INFJ empaths want to make a significant impact in someone’s life