Cop Tries To Harass Black College Student But Gets Owned And Taught The Law


I’m convinced the first rule in the cop handbook is “Never admit fault.”
You’re being “hostile” when you don’t let them violate your rights. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Classic.
Calling the man “creepy” trying to insult him to get a rise, top quality police
As a former Union Agent representing law enforcement I can say without a doubt most of my time was taken up by officers or deputies that have taken their authority and abused it in this same manner. They harass the wrong person and that triggers a formal complaint to Internal Affairs. And bingo we have a professional law enforcement officer on leave pending investigation. In this specific instance this officer isn’t enforcing the law, he’s enforcing his ego.
It’s shocking how the officer picks on him and so many students are walking by in the video at 2am in the morning.
The male cop says the black man being out at that time of the night is odd, yet several people walk by at different times during the interaction. College students are always out at all times of the night!
The fact that the couple falsely accuses him of being hostile shows that this is something they do to try to justify their next deadly action
“You we’re hiding in the bushes” at what point was he hiding in the bushes lol!
This young man was not behind the bushes, he was in plain sight. And while I’m watching this there’s so many people out and about walking around at two whatever in the morning. They just want to harass him. I’m proud of this young man for standing his ground.
He wanted to arrest him so bad “when you’re going to jail it is gonna be real funny
“I don’t know why you’re being so difficult” “I don’t know why you’re trying to violate my rights”
Notice… this man played him… and didn’t say a SINGLE curse word… didn’t cuss him out or nothing. Just taught him a BIG lesson!
This is a perfect example of cops sticking up for cops even when they know they are wrong. And she is a sergeant. Both of them should be fired for harassing a member of the public.
Much respect to the Brother keeping his cool and demonstrating how the police will lie and still keep their jobs.
I wish we could see them driving away. The UNCG code of conduct is online. It took me 1 minute to search for identification. Nowhere does it say you have to produce ID except in a hearing.
It makes me sick when police start pulling that “get your hands out of your pockets” bull sht.
You know when a cop either says here’s how it’s going to go or here’s the deal, that they are about to violate your rights
It might be beneficial to us all if Cops actually had a collage education.
If he didn’t have that camera running it would have gone a completely different way. ALWAYS RECORD any involvement with LEOs.
“We The People” Seeing an ex cop run this channel appropriately is proof that people that stand up for their rights aren’t anti goverment. Just “Pro, good government “ Cool channel.
You see how he assumed he wasn’t a student, I wonder why? Smh
I like the part where the officer says “if a school administrator asks for your ID, you must provide it”. He’s not a f-ckin administrator.
I think he did the right thing by getting back in front of his camera for his protection
>> Definitely! Especially, when that cop started lieing and said ” Take your hands out of your pockets “, trying to set up a defense for doing something to him! I’m glad the young man recognized what he was trying to do!

>> I agree when the cop started saying keep your hands out your pockets off camera who knows what would of happened. He was walking backwards to his ..WTF what a !!COWARD

>> Absolutely! I was getting concerned about that also. That cop definitely tried to begin a narrative the he was doing something, anything wrong. Kudos for following through bru!
The crazy thing about some of these cops is they have gotten away with things like this in the past. If it wasnt on camera he would have been arrested and the story would have been different. you see how he stated you were in the bushes, what “THESE” people do at times. Not all, not all, but a lot of them. It’s in them
My handsome black brother,👏🏾 thank you for standing on right. That man who calls himself a cop, is a joke. I hope this gets seen by all my black brothers who don’t know their rights and learns them to stop this tyranny in this country. Great job!
Kudos to this guy! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him calmly and confidently exercising his rights! It sucks that the supervisor that showed up couldn’t just admit the first cop was wrong and just leave this guy alone. This is another good reason why cops get a bad wrap.
It’s hard to stand your ground sometimes, especially if you have things to do, they will argue with you for hours instead of just saying they’re wrong and letting you go.
It is so scary to see this. If the supervisor didnt show up in time he could have been both tasered and arrested on false accusations.
Hate when cops ask “why are you being difficult?”! He is being difficult because you are trying to violate his 4th amendment rights and you’re abusing your power in a situation where you have no authority. Also, school policy (code of conduct) doesn’t trump the constitution, he doesn’t need to show ID even if the cop found the “code”.
This is probably the best video I’ve seen of this type. He successfully made the cops look like a complete clown. “Keep your hands out of your pockets” he should be fired just for that.
It’s wonderful that the brother knew his rights, but he shouldn’t have gone back and forth with the cop, because some cops would’ve concocted some fictitious story, and felt threatened based on the argument which could’ve led to the young man being killed. The brother has the recording which will serve as permissible evidence in Court, or to the Dean/Student Affairs, provide the handbook to the proper representatives at the institution showing the bylaws causing him to lose his job, and lastly file a harassment suit. I’ve seen black men who know the law, and are in law school encounter this same problem, but you just have to think about things from a precautionary standpoint. I was in this same situation, and took legal action based on my understanding of the law. I received a settlement, and the officer was demoted three times, and fired once I spoke and sufficient evidence was provided to substantiate my claim.
Has a cop ever talked without lying? Non-stop lies from beginning to end. Tyrant.
These public officials seem to be drunk on their perceive authority. Thank goodness for the first amendment auditors that bring the ignorance of these public servants to the forefront for all to see.
Love how there’s literally a truck full of ppl in the back and this is the person he choose to harass. Just pathetic and unacceptable
Good job. Lots of NC folk comply with Law Enforcement whether they’re right or wrong especially if they (the citizen) is black. I encourage everyone to exercise their rights but most won’t , even the young (I’m 55) but I’m glad this brother did…
Cops love to say “why you so hostile?” Lmao okay dude.
I’m pro law enforcement but both cops were fighting for dominance and their behavior was strictly driven by their ego. The student gets a grand slam as he handled this perfectly, wittingly, humorously and very smoothly. Nice job!
I love this guy, he knows his shit! Cops need to learn, sometimes, just walk away and drop it, it is not worth the fight.
The funny part is you’re going to leave either way” bro, that got me so good!
That young man clowned him and took away his perceived authority while having fun with it. The point is the young man knew the laws and his rights. He had a quick counter for everything officer ” I’m going to assert some authority on you ” presented.
It’s sad to see and hear in almost all of these cases the sheer amount of ego hunting and zero intelligence of the letter of the law!
How sick our these control freaks?
I love when cops say “why are you been difficult” when they are violating your rights. A good cop that covers or standby for a bad cop is as bad.
5:18 “I don’t know why you’re being so hostile.” I really hate it when they pull these petty moves.
Why is it that the police find it impossible to just go without giving advice or attempting to get you to comply with something!😂
Another cop that doesn’t know the laws he’s supposed to upload but harrasses and makes up lies to justify trying to violate this mans right to record in public. The lady cop is just as wrong for attempting to back her fellow officer and they should both be charged with harrassment, or any other violation we can make up…like they do.
Cop “I‘m trying to help you out” how is trying to get his ID and threatening to arrest him helping him out?
He really really wanted to take him to jail he would do anything to take him to jail if this man was not recording he would be in jail and I’m 95% sure that that officer fabricate as much lies as he possibly can to keep this man in jail just because he was “defiant“ he was doing what he should challenge the law in the correct way what a looser
So the sergeant comes and explains that everything he’s doing is perfectly legal with the photography and all but then she starts the cops explaining. Then she starts the bullying. I need you to move over here 20 ft over here so that you’re on a different property even though it’s all public property but I have to flex my muscles and tell you what to do otherwise you’re a free person walking around in a free area and we certainly cannot have that.
Shout out to the brother. I hope he’s still safe and standing up for our rights! ✊🏾 And ffs 2am is early on a college campus on the weekend. Clearly a big party or event just happened.
The pettiness is what really got me.
Police officers often enjoy to assert their power and more often than not, they end up looking foolish while attempting to violate citizens rights.
There was nothing hostile about this young man. He just knew his rights. Police are never on your side and will use your information against you.
Man bro I love when cops get taught the law they’re supposed to know then try to pull the power play move
This is extremely frightening to me how uneducated the officers are.
The amount of ignorance in these LEOs…..astonishing, yet sadly not unexpected.
Now She’s doing the “Police Culture ” Thing by trying to save face and be in Authority!😔🙄
I think it’s funny when these cops say, I’m telling you, no matter what you must obey!
Lmao I love how this dude laughs at how stupid situation that he’s in. Full Respect XD
I love how they try to grab control of the situation when they have been upped! We know why he was stopped. Look, I don’t have time to argue with a rent-a-cop, either arrest me or leave me the hell alone. My mans said he was “behind the bushes.” LMAO
This was beyond beautiful! Bravo to this young man! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Racial profiling. Glad I saw this, I live in NC… very familiar with the campus. I’ll be sure not to allow my daughter transfer here. I was worried the boss would be in the same bs and she was…. The first officer was a straight up liar like most of them are…trust me I know. Just separated from NCDPS. Wicked and corrupt bunch of people.
Cop is a butt-hurt liar. He said he would “arrest” him if he didn’t ID, and yet NO ID, no arrest.
I love the fact that you always remind people to learn their rights. I’m gonna go review right now matter of fact. Would I have left? Prolly… Fact is the police terrify me. I’ve been afraid of the police since I was six years old. I’ve been living in a nation under terror for thirty years. The problem is, in a court of law, the police are automatically above any suspicion, as though police are never criminals. The police almost never report crimes committed by other members of law enforcement, and there were even police that actually operated as a gang. Gang mentality needs to go. Get it out of America. How? Get rid of stupid laws. Legalization of most drugs requiring addicts seek their drugs from a federally mandated facility where no one will ever overdose, no poison will be in the drugs and tax dollars can be collected instead of spent locking them up. Furthermore addicts would be exposed to narcotics anonymous literature et cetera, and drugs would become affordable so crime would decrease further. Hands and mobs, having nothing to sell, would be forced to go back to gambling, rackets etc, or go out of business altogether. So locking people for drug addiction and start treating them. They’re just people who either want to party, or are suffering. Why is that illegal? If we followed the letter of the law every single American would spend several lifetimes in prison. The average American commits three felonies EVERY DAY without even realizing it.
I don’t know why you’re being so difficult and hostile” “You’re behind the bushes” “Student code of conduct says to provide your ID”. The mental gymnastics of police officers is crazy.
Both the cop and sergeant didn’t know the law. Mind boggling as to how they think that they can manipulate the law and try to threaten him with an arrest. Gosh this student was one articulate, brave and fierce guy. He just had no time for their bullshit.
Great video. I laughed several times – especially when he kept asking if the cop was mad.
It would have been absolutely perfect if dude ended up letting the cop know he was studying to be a civil rights attorney. Lmao. Oh man that would have been perfect!
The Cop “knows” he’s right, yet 1st he said the Man, or according to Cops, the “Suspect”, wasn’t a student, then, he said he was, then he said he knew the Law, Yet, at NO time, did he arrest the “Suspect”. 2 Cops for about a half hour, for a DEADLY situation, like this. We don’t have enough of these Brave Heroes out there, and we Clearly need to Hire more.
Great video!!!! Can you do a video explaining what would happen in this same exact case if the officer decided to push his authority and falsely arrest him? What would this young man go through after being arrested? A ride to jail and time wasted seeing a judge that decides he was in the right over the officer? And then what most likely would happen to the officer for not knowing the law and possibly just knowing a policy that has no weight to the law?
“Either way you’re gonna get in your car and leave” , had me LOL.. You crushed em dude. Good going!
What a wonderful young man. They really are relentless lying demons and they took so much of his time. Harassment, absolute harassment, they really should be punished for this.
So when you disagree with a cop you’re being difficult even though the cop is wrong and you were right.
Are these real cops? Or rental cops? The “lady cop” is reaching, by telling him where he can and can not film. These cops need to look for the real bad guys!! Go away little cops, go away!!!!! Lol!!! He states he is not “mad”!!!
It is so nice and refreshing to live in a country where you can walk,drive any time night or day and the cops would not stop you and ask for I D,even when they stop you for traffic violation they dont demand you to get out of the car and handcuffs you..
No matter how much these cops get proven wrong. They can’t help themselves but they give some kind of directive, they have to boss somebody around and express their perceived authority onto others. And if we don’t listen they get so butt hurt
How hard is it for cops to just walk away and say have a nice day? Children just refuse to be wrong
Cops keep referring to the school’s Code of Conduct, but initially the first officer demanded to see his I.D. when he assumed that the man “wasn’t” a student !
Officer: “ it’s strange to be out here at 2:00 in the morning”
30 other people proceed to walk by.
The sad part is he really wanted him to go to jail for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I hope his superior reprimanded him


He called the cops bluff when he said, he was going to arrest him. The cop back peddled, and tried a different tactic. Good for this man for standing up for his rights. The extraordinary length these cops go to, to have some measure of control over this man is ridiculous!
I love when people excercing their rights is not cooperating and being suspicious. It’s not a law no matter what. It’s code of conduct. You know they’d just arrest if they were right.
Be very careful of the advice you give on this platform! Being correct and surviving are not always synonymous! He was lucky…. to be on University property and a University student. What if someone in this comment section attempt to do the same thing except there are no witnesses around? Potentially end imprisoned on false charges or dead. YES… Stand up for your rights…but be smart about it. If you know your rights are being violated, and you’re recording…. COMPLY with the Officer… and get home safe!!! THEN get in contact with an attorney and file charges against the Officers involved AND the department. You will not win on the side of the road….let the attorney win in court!!!
>> Now that Officer did violate that students 4th Amendment Rights. The Sgt. Knew her Officer was wrong…and she still tried to cover for him. Comply…make it home alive… then contact an attorney. That’s the smartest approach.
When a cop tries to get someone to move a few feet it’s about one thing, control. Honestly, in this case what does it matter other than ego?
Clown tried to frame the guy outside of the view of the camera by asking him to stand outside of the view while insinuating that the man had something dangerous in his hands.
Legend has it that the cop is still out there looking for the rule to this day..
So, do rights go away after a certain time of the night? Am I ok to film from 7am to 9pm but 9pm to 7am it’s against the law?? It is SO scary how many cops don’t know the laws they are supposed to enforce.
“We’re definitely not trying to violate your rights, we just really want to violate your rights.” – Female cop.
The cop was difficult, but tells the student he’s being difficult. What an a hole.
It would be so nice if the public was allowed to question these cops and their superiors in public on camera for everyone to see and hear, as to why they do what they do , why they violate peoples rights , why they lie , why they cover up and their superiors should answer to why they just get pushed around from one precinct to the next and they’re not dealt with especially when they have so many complaints and their superiors should also answer the question as to why these cops are never properly trained and that the public knows more about the law more then the cops do…
As a white woman, I don’t know all these rights either. I’ve been stopped many times too…. BUT I’m always compliant. I believe you live longer that way. On the other hand, not knowing our rights is why we have lost SO many of our freedoms. Kudos to knowing your rights!!!
Police officer: I don’t understand why you’re being hostile/difficult. Translation: I don’t understand why you’re not allowing me to violate your rights.
The officer said that he was hiding behind a bush.He was standing out front on the sidewalk,even the cop noticed that before he got out of his car.Wow smh
He still violated his 4th amendment right when he looked in his bag. 🤦🏾‍♂
It blows my mind how many officers use that “why you being difficult” when a person quotes his rights and stands up to the cops tyrant ways!
Standing up for your rights is hostile Standing up for your rights is being difficult
I’ll be honest with you years ago I would have just shown my ID and been bullied but nowadays after watching Auditors and videos like this I have learned a lot and I appreciate it. no more getting bullied by the cops and record everything and don’t talk to them. Thanks
Guy approaches a man minding his own business, demands he leave, demands he ID, demands he explain himself, accuses him of hiding “behind bushes” and of possibly being a sexual assaulter… Then questions why he’s so hostile.
🤣 she tried to at least get one up on him. “You have to stand over here for us.” Umm no I don’t. Haha Well done. 👏🏽
This student stood his ground and left unscathed. It makes me wonder if he is in his United States or North Korea. This overreach by cops needs to be corrected..their threats of arrest are limiting freedom of movement of law abiding citizens. Unless there is a law enforced curfew you cannot stop a person from being out of his/her home/place of residence at any time. This is control without consent.
At the school I attended COC did indeed list showing your student I.D. to security and cops. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of people walking back and forth, so how is he unusual or suspicious? Besides, why sets up a camera on a main road if you intends to commit a crime?
The officer backed up like he was going to be attacked. The SKIN COLOR of the student to the officer is a threat. The officer is TROUBLE.
2 years to become a hairdresser, 6 months to become a cop. What do you expect
This is why there are so many innocent people in prison. Thank God everyone has a camera now to record their own evidence.
” we are definitely not trying to violate your rights” while we keep demanding your papers
I love how when they’re talking a group of people across the street are walking by you can’t make this shit up
Cops in the USA seem to confuse a hunch with suspicion, something your supreme courts have actually described in various rulings very specifically to be different, what the difference is and why it matters. Im European and even I know that.
Kudos to this young man however he could have exercised his 5th Amendment right to not talk to the police. What boggles my mind are campus cops who think a state university, with an ELECTED board of Regents, like a city council, is private property or as if it’s somehow restricted. With VERY few exceptions a public university’s campus sidewalks and streets are always open to the public. That university sidewalk IS A PUBLIC SIDEWALK and ignorant cops like this one doesn’t have the authority to kick someone off a public sidewalk.
This was a great project. It basically shows how the ego of the average cop won’t let them admit when there wrong and how there training and initiation for the suppose greater good has failed when the other cop cared more about protecting the other cops feelings over the rights of others (the greater good)
Scariest thing is the baseless warnings the two cops kept hurling at this student and they kept telling him that he did something wrong even though they knew that they had absolutely no “Reasonable – Articulable- Suspicion”. Both of these cops are on ego trips. End Qualified Immunity Nationally Now!

Another new auditor – Outstanding job (Perfect)

Springdale Arkansas Police Department
(479) 751-4542


If that cop is hard of hearing, how does he pass the physical requirements to be a cop.


I called BS the second he started with his “I’m hard of hearing”
It’s funny how he was able to hear everything else, thereafter.
Never! EVER trust police.


He’s not hard of hearing, he wanted to have you speak up for his body worn camera hoping you’d incriminate yourself. 🤦


ALL cops have a hearing problem, but more accurately – they ALL have SELECTIVE hearing – they hear what they want to hear!
Amazing how the hard of hearing officer could hear everything the other officer said while he was standing with his back to him.
Love what your doing ! I’m a public official, alderman from a small city in Mo,Lake Annette. And am a former mayor here and former police chief. Knowing the law is the most important thing a citizen can do!Keep up the good work.
It’s embarrassing how ignorant law enforcement is when it comes to the LAW


This is what makes it so hard , I personally would love to be able to trust law enforcement and not have a bad bone in my body towards law enforcement BUT it’s hard when 90%+ of law enforcement don’t know what the fuck they’re doingIf a citizen doesn’t know the law it dont matter they get charged but if a cop doesn’t know the law then that’s ok give em qualified immunity.. and this is the part that drives the wedge.. when you have qualified immunity your more likely to just do as you please and be corrected later with no consequences and that drives the wedge between law enforcement and the people… So until police unions are abolished and qualified immunity is ABOLISHED then just give them he’ll and hold them accountable but never ever give in to them being nice and friendly.. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.. YOU SEE HOW THIS VIDEO WAS ALL FRIENDLY AND SHIT UNTIL THE CITIZEN MADE IT CLEAR THAT HE WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THEY’RE B.S. !!
One of the things that get my blood boiling is when police refer to citizens as civilians. All police are civilians.
That older cop is gonna curse the shit out of his wife when he gets home if he’s still got a wife and she’ll never know why. Lol.
Once you said “I have my attorney on the phone” — they just KNEW they were wasting their time and the best thing to do was get the hell out of there. You need to go back there in a week or 2 and see if there’s any new signs. It was pretty funny when the cop said “Do you know how much new signs cost?” As if he gives a flying fig about the cost of a sign…
A cop with a hearing problem sounds like a huge PROBLEM to me and a DANGEROUS SITUATION.
“There are CIVILIANS parking here.” “In Arkansas, you can NOT videotape a person that is NOT law enforcement.”
When it’s obvious that he’s not falling for their bs and has his bases covered the cool cop facade drops and they can’t leave fast enough. Great job TKGB.
SNAFU OMG, the lieutenant walks up then when he opens his mouth nothing but lies come out and then the sergeant picks it up and continues with the lies. this is absolutely one of the best examples of a lieutenant and a sergeant tucking their tails and doing the Walk of shame because they realized they were wrong. God forbid they just admit they make a mistake!
They bailed really quick.. Said their BS like they supposed to and you handled it.. Respect to both sides this time.. Great first video..!!
Cops have a problem listening, they will hear you talk, but dont “listen” to you. Its their egos and culture, they are always right and you must submit to their percieved authority.
I’d love to hear what the city’s attorney says about those officers feeling so comfortable about them citing you for being on PUBLIC PROPERTY
Great audit. I got into some minor trouble years ago. I went to city hall and talked to the city attorney without my own attorney and he actually helped me out, reduced the fine and we settled everything right there and then, like an attorney should, we didn’t even have to go to court. Far better experience than with the leo’s of my town.
if that cop is so worried why doesnt he offer to purchase the proper signage so he feels safe

City Council tried to get Police try to Trespass from Public Property without giving a Reason


These Cops are ridiculous. I’m going to trespass you but I don’t know why! 🤦🏿
I feel sorry for the first officer, some higher up has thrown him into that situation. Shame on on the Officer or attorney who did that to him.
You can not come to a person’s home without a warrant and charge someone for a crime that occurred elsewhere without any type of proof or investigation. Especially trespassing someone from a building that they are not currently located.
Throwing the YOU ARE BEING DETAINED should cost the IGNORANT OFFICER’S AGENCY MONEY. THAT IS DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW, A FEDERAL OFFENSE. We need to flood the court system with as many as these rights violations as possible. It’s not until it starts to cost money that things can change. The media should be covering this EXTENSIVELY
“just following orders”. Crazy. Not a care or thought to want to see if the trespass is legal. No investigations. Just doing what their told no matter what. But the problems here obviously extend far beyond the department. I really hope this guy has a good lawyer and considers taking the whole situation to the media.
I would have liked him to say: I want to criminally trespass everyone working at city hall from my property. I’m not telling you why, if they have been here, or when. I just want you go to their houses, knock their doors, and ask them for ID and to sign some paper. It is not harassment.”
Perfect example of cops attitude today, they do whatever their political masters tell them to do. They absolutely earn the reputation they have!
I’m currently a LEO. I can assure everyone, you need a reason to trespass someone from a public area. This individual should’ve and could’ve closed the door on these LEOs. Secondly how are they going to trespass someone they haven’t identified? The LEO should’ve used common sense on this one.
How the hell can an employee at City Hall threaten to arrest you for trespassing simply by going to City Hall? City Hall is a public building, and every citizen has a right to go there. I would only make an exception if this person had gone to City Hall and physically attacked somebody. To call this an overreach of bureaucratic Authority is a gross understatement.
The bits this guy was saying about “Getting Fired for refusing to dump euthanized animals at the city dump”, sounds like something that needs to be investigated. City Hall sending Law Enforcement to this mans house, with no knowledge of why he is being CRIMINALLY TRESPASSED, sure looks like some Illegal Corruption at City Hall. We may have to look into this one.
Sgt said “It’s not our job to decide what you have or have not done” and he couldn’t be more wrong. It is his duty to figure out exactly what went down in order to issue a criminal trespass warning from a public place. Simply because someone at city hall asked him to be trespassed is not enough, there needs have been a crime committed or an ordinance violated. These cops are confusing a trespass from private property as opposed to public property.
Cop #1 shows the caliber of cop that every department seems to staff: follow orders without question and regardless of legality of the order. It is truly sad that pretty much EVERY cop in the country thinks that the laws for trespassing are the same for PUBLIC places as they are for PRIVATE places. (OR they are willing to LIE about what the law says… which amounts to the same thing.)
<<City Hall sending Law Enforcement to this mans house, with no knowledge of why he is being CRIMINALLY TRESPASSED, sure looks like some Illegal Corruption at City Hall.>>
 @Aaron J  I get what you’re saying but I also get what OP was saying, I think. I believe it all hinges on the legality of the trespass being 1) issued at all since it was for a public space & 2) issued as it was long after his appearance at the City Hall. As for the 1st point, it’s my understanding that a citizen may NOT be trespassed from any public space unless the person has committed a crime on said public grounds. As to the 2nd point, meh, seems sorta sketchy to me.
I mean if a person’s behavior was so bad as to be criminal I would’ve thought the police would’ve intervened then & there NOT wait days or weeks. As for the notion of corruption or other unfunny funny business. Animals euthanized at a city or county run facility must be disposed of by that entity. AND that disposal must meet certain Health Dept guidelines. Exactly what those are I do not know, mostly b/c I don’t know the location of the video & of the local govt. AND I have no idea exactly how the dump site was disposing of the bodies. Based on what I heard the guy say the “how” of the disposal was the sticking point for him. Sounds like the “how” might not be meeting Health Dept codes &/or standards. Maybe there was an issue of disrespect. At any rate sounds like he may have brought that up at the meeting & if they’re disposing of dead animals in an unhealthy manner in order to cut costs, well that’s the very last thing they would want spoken aloud in an open meeting. That makes sense about shutting him up but it also unfortunately looks like they’re trying to hide or cover over some shady shizzle. Just my 2 cents. Blessings

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Good on him, You do not have to give your information for a trespass waning, don’t let them pull that nonsense on you. The individual being trespassed has no legal duty to provide the trespassing entity with their personal information, the onus is on them to remember who you are you do not have to assist them with it. There is no “Trespass system”, they just want your info to run you for warrants and start a CAD entry on you, don’t fall for it. Trespass is not a crime, trespass after warning is the crime. When a cop pulls that “We need your information to put you in the trespass system!” they are lying to you, people fall for it all the damn time, it drives me bonkers.
How can cops come to your house, and inform you that you’re trespassed from City Hall, when the cops can’t tell him why he is trespassed. Yet expect him to hand over his identification details and then sign a form without telling what he has done wrong.  This is why I’m an advocate for no local Police Department’s. State Police Force only covering the whole State.  No locally employed police means that no local entity owns or controls you.
Basically the argument of the cops in the video is: “We don’t know if you did anything illegal, and we don’t know why you’re being trespassed, but some unnamed person told us to trespass you, so we are here to do that, even though we don’t have a court order.” Yeah. Their argument will TOTALLY hold up in court. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
This is a huge violation of his 1A rights. If he is being trespassed to keep him from going to a city council meeting, that is denying him the right to seek redress of grievances. Hope he sues the city.
Common intimidation tactic local governments use against people that oppose their views and show up to public meetings to speak out.
100% of the time citizens tell cops they are harassing them they respond with: ‘I’m not harassing you’. Every. Single. Time.
10:38 “It’s not our job to know why” — Yes it is, because if you don’t know why you can’t determine whether the orders you’re following are lawful or not, and to follow unlawful orders is unlawful. “I was just following orders” is not a valid defence.
What’s appalling is the fact they went to his house, this means they know who he is, why would you ask for DOB? 🤨
Cop “I don’t know what’s this is about.” Then leave. Get the information and warrant. Otherwise, bye.
It’s funny how it seems like every cop says ok 20 times when the auditors break the law down for them but they still don’t understand or won’t understand
Sounds like a city council member didn’t like what this guy said at the last meeting. He should just take the trespass and file a 1st Amendment claim against the city.
When did Serve & Protect turn into Arrest & Collect, Harass & Penalize, Enslave  & Abuse, Punish & Oppress, and Comply or DIE?
The cop keeps saying “that’s not how a trespass warning works” even though the cop has no idea that you cannot trespass someone from public property unless they’ve committed a crime, and he’s not even AT city hall.
I’ve watched many 100’s of 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment audit videos. Every cop, no matter where in the country, says “okay” over and over, as their 1st knee jerk response…and then proceed to trample all over the rights that they are supposed to protect. This tactic and response MUST be part of their training…to say “okay”, maybe in an attempt to SEEM reasonable, as they look for an opportunity to become unreasonable. Disgusting.
“It is not our job to know why we do what we do. It is our job to follow orders blindly, like the good little Jackboots we are…”
“I’m just following orders,” is not an excuse for a government SERVANT to violate the rights of an American. “Citizens are first.” Cop responds with, “That’s your opinion.” What a clown.
Sgt. “It’s not our job to know why” Pretty much explains everything these days lol
A trespass from a city hall, so that means you MUST have broken some law, MUST have done something illegal, otherwise that trespass is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. YOU CANNOT TRESPASS A CITIZEN FROM PUBLIC UNLESS THERE WAS A CRIME COMMITTED !!! And then the supervisor says he didn’t do anything wrong, therefore he cannot be trespassed, this is about as ignorant and stupid as it gets. Everyone involved in trying to get him trespassed should be held personally accountable, because they should know better, they should pay up personally, i do not care if they have to get a loan or their savings are touched or whatever the fuck they need to do to pay up, this is abuse of power and pure ignorance, they should know better, they signed a contract to uphold the law, they were not given that training, nor did they take it upon themselves to obtain that knowledge, this is a failing on their part. They should get knowledgeable or not sign that contract. Their training is laughably sub par. Their training should be counted in years, not weeks, they don’t even touch on the most basic and important laws. In my country we count police training in years, and that is in a country where the police has to do less, they have less functions, they have less crime, they have fewer weapons on the streets, that shows how shit their training is. This and the system in general being crap all over is why i consider the US to be nothing more than a reasonably well put together banana republic.

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Ignorant Police don’t know the law: Unlawful Detention


  • This cop seems like if he was to go back and actually learn the law, he will be a good officer.
    • I actually thought he was a nice guy. I think he will be a good officer.
    • I agree. He’s clearly trying. It’s really unfortunate that he hasn’t recieved proper training. I hope he decides on his own to learn and doesn’t wait on his department.
  • Even though he doesn’t know the law or his job from his ass or a hole in the ground, he was actually pretty humble, probably the most humble cop I’ve ever seen!


  • I agree. This cop wasn’t a bad guy. He was a victim of our utterly incompetent police training system.


  • I’m glad he was educated and I hope he follows what he learned on this interaction, as well as stopping any fellow officer from trying to do the same. That being said it’s sad that the people have to teach these officers the law.
  • I wouldn’t say he got “owned” in this case. He got “educated”. He was very cordial and even admitted he may not have known but within his knowledge he was doing what was taught. Far better than other engagements I see!


  • The cop was honest and admitted he was in the wrong and even apologized. I hope he continues to learn and grow we need more like him
  • “I do not think you have committed a crime.” At this point the officer needs to walk away from this citizen.
  • I’m glad the officer realized his mistake. He was humble and apologized and learned something for future cases!


  • Not a bad cop lol 😂 right he tried to violate him & his children by enforcing a law that doesn’t exist that’s a crime in it’s self ………..
  •  @asifig2F  he didn’t say he wasn’t a bad cop. He’s clearly pretty clueless (as was the suspect tbh), but he seems like a decent guy. He was genuinely ignorant, but he tried to actually explain himself and didn’t seem to be motivated by ego. I think he’d be a good officer with proper training.
  •  @asifig2F  Lets be real, the type of police we see on this channel, he isn’t one of them. this is one of the better police we have seen, polite, trying to be through and courteous with genuine reasons for asking the questions.
  •  @asifig2F  That cop is a great person. He even admitted and apolgized for the inconvience caused by him. He was trying to do his job just like any hard working man.
  •  @asifig2F  its a systematic problem. anyone can be blind to stuff like that when they are not taught by the system you cant always expect people to know better


  • Where did you get your degree? Are you an attorney?” Cops seriously need to stop asking this question, unless they obtained law degrees on the side.
    • It’s because its too hard for most police to understand. Every video when someone refers to the constitution they ask if the citizen is a lawyer. This is very revealing. Its says that the bill of rights is so complicated to the average police officer they think you need to go to college for 7 years to understand just 10 simple ideas that are less than 500 words combined.
    • Every time a cop asks where you got your law degree, that should be grounds for immediate firing. “Uh oh, another citizen far more versed in the law than me, I better try and make him feel stupid.” This should be every cops ticket to the unemployment line.
  • This is probably one of the best cops I’ve seen in one of these videos. I honestly believe he thought he was in the right, and he was man enough to admit it when he found out he was wrong. I’ve seen lots where the supervisor comes to tell the person they are free to go and tries to save face for the cop in the wrong, who doesn’t show his face again.
  • “You do not have to be committing a crime to be detained”, that is not what the 4th Amendment says. Not answering questions is the right guaranteed by the the 5th Amendment.
  • Keep in mind. This officer has the power to ruin your life. And he has absolutely no idea how to do his job. Give me a break. This guy is a walking liability for the department and the city.
  • I feel he was honest and likely appreciative that you were there on this. Don’t know how long he’s been out of the academy, but I’m glad he’s not head strong like many. He was very professional even though uninformed. Hopefully things go well for him in his LE career.
  • Honestly, the officer kept his cool and remained fairly respectful throughout, his downfall here is his complete lack of training. I feel like he could still be an effective officer with some better training. Just my 2¢ worth.
  • The difference between this cop and others I’ve seen is although this one waa wrong he didn’t become aggressive or start trying to escalate the situation even though he was clearly finding the situation difficult. He also learned during the situation he was wrong and apologised. He seems like a good guy let down by poor training.
  • I agree with your statement about him being a good officer. But how does the academy pass these officers thru without them knowing the basics of the law. I believe the academy teaches them to get that ID no matter what
  • This guy should turn out to be a good officer once he learns the law. He seems to want to be fair and that is a good start. I believe he is a good man.
  • When the cop need to explain what he learned in training about the law, you know he’s done. This is a good one. =)

Lambo Owner Outplays Officer With Professionalism

It’s sad that we as Civilians have to be calm and professional when dealing with so called trained PEACE officers..

Imagine a world where the citizens are the ones who have to deescalate a situation instead of the “trained professionals”.

It looks like Officer Torres has taken WAY too much of his own advice to stop thinking.

What Underlies the G.O.P. Commitment to Ignorance?

As everyone knows, leftists hate America’s military. Recently, a prominent left-wing media figure attacked Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declaring, “He’s not just a pig, he’s stupid.”

Oh, wait. That was no leftist, that was Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. What set Carlson off was testimony in which Milley told a congressional hearing that he considered it important “for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and widely read.”

The problem is obvious. Closed-mindedness and ignorance have become core conservative values, and those who reject these values are the enemy, no matter what they may have done to serve the country.

The Milley hearing was part of the orchestrated furor over “critical race theory,” which has dominated right-wing media for the past few months, getting close to 2,000 mentions on Fox so far this year. One often sees assertions that those attacking critical race theory have no idea what it’s about, but I disagree; they understand that it has something to do with assertions that America has a history of racism and of policies that explicitly or implicitly widened racial disparities.

And such assertions are unmistakably true. The Tulsa race massacre really happened, and it was only one of many such incidents. The 1938 underwriting manual for the Federal Housing Administration really did declare that “incompatible racial groups should not be permitted to live in the same communities.”

We can argue about the relevance of this history to current policy, but who would argue against acknowledging simple facts?

The modern right, that’s who. The current obsession with critical race theory is a cynical attempt to change the subject away from the Biden administration’s highly popular policy initiatives, while pandering to the white rage that Republicans deny exists. But it’s only one of multiple subjects on which willful ignorance has become a litmus test for anyone hoping to succeed in Republican politics.

Thus, to be a Republican in good standing one must deny the reality of man-made climate change, or at least oppose any meaningful action to limit greenhouse gas emissions. One must reject or at least express skepticism about the theory of evolution. And don’t even get me started on things like the efficacy of tax cuts.

What underlies this cross-disciplinary commitment to ignorance? On each subject, refusing to acknowledge reality serves special interests. Climate denial caters to the fossil fuel industry; evolution denial caters to religious fundamentalists; tax-cut mysticism caters to billionaire donors.

But there’s also, I’d argue, a spillover effect: Accepting evidence and logic is a sort of universal value, and you can’t take it away in one area of inquiry without degrading it across the board. That is, you can’t declare that honesty about America’s racial history is unacceptable and expect to maintain intellectual standards everywhere else. In the modern right-wing universe of ideas, everything is political; there are no safe subjects.

This politicization of everything inevitably creates huge tension between conservatives and institutions that try to respect reality.

There have been many studies documenting the strong Democratic lean of college professors, which is often treated as prima facie evidence of political bias in hiring. A new law in Florida requires that each state university conduct an annual survey “which considers the extent to which competing ideas and perspectives are presented,” which doesn’t specifically mandate the hiring of more Republicans but clearly gestures in that direction.

An obvious counterargument to claims of biased hiring is self-selection: How many conservatives choose to pursue careers in, say, sociology? Is hiring bias the reason police officers seem to have disproportionately supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election, or is this simply a reflection of the kind of people who choose careers in law enforcement?

But beyond that, the modern G.O.P. is no home for people who believe in objectivity. One striking feature of surveys of academic partisanship is the overwhelming Democratic lean in hard sciences like biology and chemistry; but is that really hard to understand when Republicans reject science on so many fronts?

One recent study marvels that even finance departments are mainly Democratic. Indeed, you might expect finance professors, some of whom do lucrative consulting for Wall Street, to be pretty conservative. But even they are repelled by a party committed to zombie economics.

Which brings me back to General Milley. The U.S. military has traditionally leaned Republican, but the modern officer corps is highly educated, open-minded and, dare I say it, even a bit intellectual — because those are attributes that help win wars.

Unfortunately, they are also attributes the modern G.O.P. finds intolerable.

So something like the attack on Milley was inevitable. Right-wingers have gone all in on ignorance, so they were bound to come into conflict with every institution — including the U.S. military — that is trying to cultivate knowledge.