Omarosa Manigault Newman’s publisher responds to Trump campaign attorney: We won’t bow to ‘hollow legal threats’

Without specifying details, Harder said that excerpts of the book “contain confidential information and disparaging statements” and that the Trump campaign’s potential claims against the publisher include tortious interference and inducement of Managault Newman to breach her NDA with the campaign.

.. McNamara noted that many of the book’s early excerpts referenced episodes from Manigault Newman’s time in the White House rather than on the campaign.

.. Harder, she added, did not identify any particular excerpts as false, and the Trump campaign “does not have a viable legal claim merely because unspecified truthful statements in the Book may embarrass the President or his associates.”

And in a line that echoes Manigault Newman’s own defense of the book, McNamara said that the book was primarily aimed at educating readers about the leader of the country.

“Put simply, the book’s purpose is to inform the public,” she said. “Private contracts like the NDA may not be used to censor former or current government officials from speaking about non-classified information learned during the course of their public employment.”