North Korea Parades New Long-Range ‘Frankenmissile’

Pyongyang displays military hardware, including apparently new intercontinental ballistic missile

The U.S. believes North Korea’s first five tests have been plutonium bombs. But if uranium is used in the next test, it could suggest the North has a much larger arsenal than initially believed. Current estimates are that the country has between 20 and 40 atomic weapons.

.. North Korea has also said it’s seeking to develop hydrogen bombs

.. The North also paraded two missile canisters that hadn’t been seen before and which appeared to be able to accommodate larger missiles than the North has ever displayed publicly. While the canisters may not contain missiles, experts said the display indicated the North’s intentions to build larger ICBMs.

.. “A lot of this may be intimidation or bluffing, but it’s potentially a sign of things to come,”

.. North Korea also paraded a submarine-launched ballistic missile

.. The march came a day after Beijing urged the U.S. and North Korea to tone down their rhetoric, saying no one would win if there was a war.