What would each MBTI type’s house look like?

*I am only to say this once. I am aware that not everyone is financially equal and I originally wrote this as a joke, but some people are taking it too literally.*

The Analysts

ENTJ (me) – houses are for peasants.

And just for laughs, another home choice for ENTJ

INTJ – the nature f*ck off house. Remote and away from humans as they can enjoy nature in their high tech house.

INTP – the ultimate f*ck off house. Their house is literally underground away from other humans.

ENTP: Modernism is for plebs. Futurism is the new thing. If you plan for the future, might as well literally live in the future while you’re at it.

The Diplomats

ENFJ – that one beautiful house that is always so welcoming with frequent visitors.

INFJ – the house that looks haunted, but people can’t help but be drawn to it.

ENFP – who the hell designed this?

INFP – the house that is definitely haunted, but they don’t care. If it’s haunted then nobody will come and visit them, which is awesome for them.

The Sentinels

ESTJ – flexing on the plebs with status and wealth.

ISTJ – the house of somebody who clearly has OCD and embraces minimalism.

ESFJ – a warm and simple house. They probably have a large family and lots of pets. However, everyone is family, so there’s always a barbecue going on and the whole neighborhood is invited.

ISFJ – your typical suburban home with a family and pets. Wife kisses husband on the cheek to send him off to work then they get the kids ready for school.


ESTP – the ultimate party house where they can show off and have fun at the same time. Even when the coppers are called, the coppers would be so impressed that even they will join the party.

ISTP – the house that everyone wonders about and who lives there. It’s cool, but they never see the person who lives there. The house is always maintained, but when is it maintained?

ESFP – get in loser, we’re going to my house so we can partyyyy. Rivals ESTP when it comes to partying so they end up contesting each other to see who’s party is the loudest and most fun. The coppers are conflicted.

ISFP – the elegant f*ck off house. Yes, stare at my beautiful home, but you’re not coming in unless you’re my family or the best of best friends.