Acknowledging Fears, Microsoft’s Nadella Remains Optimistic About AI

Satya Nadella, who says artificial intelligence could be an influential catalyst for human empowerment and inclusion.

.. “It’s a worthy discussion for us to have because artificial intelligence is not just another piece of technology, it could be one of the more fundamental pieces of technology the human race has ever created,” Mr. Nadella said at the event.

.. Mr. Nadella also spoke at the event about augmented reality’s potential impact on business. Augmented reality, which superimposes digital content including hologram-like images onto a user’s view of the real world, is being used in manufacturing and educational settings.

.. In essence, Mr. Nadella said, HoloLens allows a person to “teleport” themselves into a different environment.

.. Mr. Nadella also talked about the role of quantum computing, saying the cutting-edge technology and powerful computing technique could help solve problems related to climate, food production and drug discovery.