Hobby Lobby: Intersection Toxic Masculinity and Christian Nationalism

Nothing makes me not want to be a Christian more than seeing crap like that in a store and knowing how many Christians believe it and buy it.

A few months ago, I saw some “art” at Hobby Lobby that celebrated the 2nd Amendment. (Apparently, it is still available on their website.) No other amendments were celebrated in this way. I wonder why.

I once saw a “decorative” sign (not at a Hobby Lobby, being sold at a grocery store) that said “In this house we don’t call 911” with a gun on it. Horrifying.

I once (reluctantly) attended a Sunday service on July 4th that included a song called “Stand for the Flag, Kneel at the Cross.” When they brought out the giant flag, everyone stood. There was a giant cross in the same sanctuary. No one knelt or was encouraged to kneel.

I grew up in a church that, for July 4, sang “America The Beautiful” and the national anthem while military personnel from all branches came in carrying branch flags and rifles.

We stood, hands over our hearts — but something like crossing oneself was considered a dead “ritual”

There really is no better visual representation of the relationship between toxic masculinity and Christian nationalism than Hobby Lobby.

And none of those signs were made in this country.

I think if you’re a company that wants to promote America and patriotism and all that, be a real patriot and have your products produced in this country. There’s something false about a sign or other product promoting our country that says “made in China.”


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I was there the other day and saw this. My first thought was “oh I found the Christian Nationalism aisle”


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No joke that place legit scares me, I stumbled on this Christmas ornament there a few years back. A cross with cowboy boots, sheriff stars, a lasso? maybe nails wrapped around the sides, and possibly a crown of thorns? This isn’t #JesusandJohnWayne, this is #JesusisJohnWayne.


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It seems worth mentioning that the core target hobby lobby shopper is “women of all ages.” Anecdotally, the most “tough guy” men I know wouldn’t be seen dead in a craft store. Very weird to think a lady would be buying this for a guy’s man cave.
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This is exhausting (because I’m a nine and anger is exhausting). But it makes me want to muster up the energy to write a blog, sermon, book, or series along the lines of: “The Folly of Modern Proverbs.”
That the garage is the sanctuary of the man is correct for the men in the Village where I live (not for me)
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I love Hobby Lobby, especially for Christmas decor, but I just can’t shop there anymore. My stupid conscience won’t let me. Some of this is just gross.
And this isn’t even the worst of their offenses.
“Give an example of something you might find at Hobby Lobby or a Truck Stop.”
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The one that makes me ill is the cross with the flag painted on it. 
I weirdly want to stand up for the men seeing this. It’s super insulting and makes men look like children. Just yikes.
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after reading “Jesus & John Wayne” this all makes so much sense to me now.
Maybe I’m glad we don’t have a Hobby Lobby in Canada.