Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Have an Rx

“Cruz is right that we should allow plans with non-compliant benefits,” says Goodman Institute founder John Goodman, the author of Patient Power. “In fact, we should allow plans that scale back benefits enough so that they cost no more than the tax credit. That way, people could be insured without paying any additional premium.”

But, Goodman warns, “if some plans can offer skimpier benefits, you can’t allow people to choose those plans while healthy and then switch to the more generous plan after they get sick. People have to pay the full actuarial cost of any such change.”

.. In a sense, this concept is the medical equivalent of school choice: Democrats and the Left want to keep everyone in both collapsing government systems. If people escape rotten government schools and actually learn something on private campuses, Democrats and their socialist model look bad, and those employed in it might lose their iron rice bowls.