Let’s talk about the boyfriend loophole….


Why are you willing to take his life but not his gun?” Brilliant!! This needed to be said!! Thank you so much!!


Gun owner here that completely agrees with Beau on this. Just like so many issues, some folk don’t seem to understand freedoms come with responsibilities and accountability.


Sounds like this would include accountability for actions. It doesn’t seem like many Republicans support that anymore.


If it applied to them, more than half of the US police would not be allowed to have guns. Which would be a plus.
It’s about perceived “property”. Women are perceived as property.
The biggest statistical change in areas with a lot of firearms is the number of women shot to death by abusive partners or spouses.





Let’s talk about guns, gun control, school shootings, and the “law abiding gun owner”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Well, i just binge watched your 3 parts regarding gun control .. a few points from my European Nordic perspective.

Contrary to what many people may think .. here in Iceland we have quite a huge number of guns per capita .. i think its like every 3rd person has a gun (statistically). But we have an average of 0.3 gun related murders per year, zero mass shootings and the police only had to kill one person in our entire countries history.

So – although i hate to say it .. because it does not align with my view on guns and gun control .. you might have a point with the gun not being the problem … strictly speaking.

But yes, there is a cultural problem. Here .. the law forbids you to use a gun for self defense. No matter what .. you are NOT, never ever – allowed to use a gun to defend yourself (applies to human assaults, not wild animals attacking you of course). Also, and that is the countries history … we have learned and it has become culture .. we MUST work out conflicts and make compromise, because if conflict escalates and people get killed or harmed, it endangers the entire society. ( for that one must go back in Iceland history .. when it was settlers vs. nature .. with nature usually winning the fight unless settlers worked together .. and EVERY person was needed, no matter if male, female – no matter what colour the skin or the language.. everyone had to work together)

There is a natural .. lets call it “respect for life” .. every life. And i am sure .. on a cognitive basis .. most gun owners will of course subscribe to respecting life (actually, i suspect many gun owners consider themselves “pro-life” which is another sad topic for America) .. but it means that you NEVER EVER take another persons life (life that is outside the womb). If someone attacks you .. you will calm him down, if someone has harmed another person, you will try to defuse the situation. If someone has murdered a person .. you do not go ahead and sentence him to death, but you try to make him part of society again, because killing a murderer means you might be one person short next winter.

I miss this respect for life in the USA (mind – from reports, videos and media, i have not really met Americans .. ) There is death sentence, there is stand your ground, there is war. There is a culture that dictates that power equals “who wields the bigger stick”. Here it is .. power equals who can better work together. (considering we have no military .. we cannot go for the bigger stick of course)

But there is more – culturally

I forgot who it was .. a YouTube creator who compared the USA to Europe .. on a very specific subject … fear

Americans seem afraid – much more than the average European. That stars in everyday life. Children going to school by themselves in Europe, sometimes across the entire city (basic school children mind .. that is 6-9 years old) – taking public transportation or riding. Here in Iceland mothers tend to just leave the baby carriage (including baby) outside when they go shopping or for a coffee (that is .. leaving the baby unattended in the freezing temperature outside .. for half an hour or longer)

In America .. there seems to be a fear of so much. The USA has a HUGE military and security institutions .. yet .. off of all the western nations .. it seems the most afraid.