20 Key Phrases To Shut Down and Disarm the Narcissist and Get Them to Leave You Alone For Good

In this YouTube Video on the 20 key Phrases you can use to shut down and disarm a narcissist, I break down these key phrases into four categories. You can use these key phrases to shut a narcissist down, and to help you keep them on track as you try to negotiate with the narcissist. These phrases have been designed to help YOU gain the mental, emotional, cognitive and spiritual distance you need in order to NOT be manipulated by a narcissist.

0:00 Intro to 20 Key Phrases
8:50 Key Phrases to Avoid Conversations Going Down the Rabbit Hole
18:04 Key Phrases to Stay on Point
29:52 Key Questions to Short Circuit a Narcissist’s ability to manipulate you further
44:48 Key Phrases to Disarm a Narcissistic Mother/Father/Parent

20 Key phrases begin at 8:20

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