Every Red-Blooded American Should Root for Littlefinger to Claim the Iron Throne

Only Lord Baelish will fight for meritocracy and the free market.

.. those rare few who do rise in station tend only to do so by their martial prowess.

.. In short, Westeros was never great, so it cannot be made great again.

.. One powerful lord does enjoy a rags-to-riches story, though — and he’s set on making the Seven Kingdoms into a good old-fashioned American meritocracy. I write, of course, about Petyr Baelish, whom you may know better as Littlefinger.

.. Baelish is the only plausible candidate for the Iron Throne whose claim is not hereditary. He epitomizes what could soon be called the Westerosi Dream. John McCain’s surgery delays Senate votes on health care bill 00:26 00:42

.. With Baelish, you have the opportunity to root for the little guy or, more precisely, the Littlefinger. His nickname derives from his humble origins

.. What’s more, Baelish has pledged to drain the swamp. He’s all too familiar with the misdeeds of the entrenched elite.

.. Of course, Baelish is not perfect. He acquired much of his fortune — and much of the information that facilitated his political rise — from running seedy enterprises, since shut down by the fanatical Sparrows

.. Do those plans, Machiavellian as they’ve always been, really make him so much worse than the alternatives? No, because the alternatives are impulsive heirs to the old hierarchy, totally reliant on magic; they offer rebranding rather than revolution.

.. Littlefinger, meanwhile, has consistently acted as an agent of chaos enabling those who desire to rise, regardless of birth or station. Only he can reorder Westeros for the graspers. Every red-blooded American should root for him.

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