“Pro-Life” State Locks Up Pregnant Woman Then Put Her In A Disgusting and Dangerous Cell

“An Alabama jail incarcerated a pregnant woman for months after she said she smoked pot, refusing to release her unless she entered drug rehab.

The woman incarcerated in Alabama, 23-year-old Ashley Banks, said she was incarcerated at around six weeks into her pregnancy, according to a Wednesday report by AL.com. After six weeks of being jailed, she started to bleed and continued to do so for another five weeks, AL.com reported. She was forced to sleep on the floor due to overcrowding, she said, even after being diagnosed with a condition that heightened her risk of miscarriage.

Specialists repeatedly ruled that Banks didn’t qualify for free addiction services, leaving her unable to go to rehab.

“I have reckless murder cases where defendants have been released on bond,” said Banks’ attorney Morgan Cunningham, AL.com reported. “Requiring her to go to rehab is not Constitutional.”


Women’s Soccer Champions play against Teenage Boys

The Women’s big mistake was taking on boys teams, the men’s side would at least hold back a bit but the boys team’s will be ruthless lol.

Anecdote. There were 2 girls on our (American) football team in high school. They were BEASTLY, like twice the size of the guys and pushing everyone around… for one year. As soon as the guy’s voices started to crack all of a sudden the girls were out on injury 80% of the time. They didn’t come back the next year.

EDIT: Yes in the states. Yes at “middle school” age but I come from a rural area where middle and high school for 3 towns were in the same building. We didn’t differentiate

Dennis Prager Thinks The Nazis Had Some Good Points, Actually

Dennis Prager doesn’t think the Nazi slogan, the 3 Ks is bad. The German slogan describes that a woman’s place should be limited to the children, kitchen, and church. The Majority Report crew discusses how they are not surprised by Prager’s view aligning with fascists. The MR crew talks about how Prager and those on the Right like him do not want women involved in politics and the hierarchy Nazis wanted to maintain.

The Female Apostle that Christianity (Purposely) Forgot | Acts of Paul and Thecla

An ancient controversy surrounded a Christian apocryphal book called Acts of Paul and Thecla. While St. Thecla was revered a great deal in the past, she’s become less recognizable among Christians over time. Many know the Apostle Paul and his companions mentioned in the Pastoral Epistles well, and the popularity of those books may have something to do with why Thecla is relatively unknown today. Studying the interaction of these texts reveals a struggle for orthodoxy that many never knew took place.

What does Acts of Paul and Thecla say? Are the Pastoral Epistles a forgery? Was Acts of Paul ever considered New Testament canon? This video attempts to answer these questions and more.

Dr. Ian Mills

Shocking reason why the most beautiful women work at gas stations in North Korea


Driving school where you have to put an entire car together, piece by piece? That is INSANITY!
That’s so sad, I felt deeply for those girls around the world who doesn’t have any power over themselves. Keep doing you amazing work and be the voice for those there were silencend
As a Hongkonger, you’re an absolute inspiration to those living under authoritarian systems. I also greatly respect and admire your courage to speak up against not just North Korea but also China. Please stay safe and take care.
It sounds like it’s both a blessing and a curse to be born attractive. On one hand, you may lead a fairly decent life. On the other hand, you may end up in servitude for most of your youth. Either way, no one is free to lead their own life.

Rogan, The Right’s Masculinity Obsession and “Muscular Christianity”

What is muscular christianity and what does it have to do with Joe Rogan? We were joined by Derek Beres & Julian Walker of the Conspirituality podcast who are working on this very issue.

Christian nationalism has always been extremely obsessed with masculinity and extremely “muscular” for over two centuries. How prevalent it is in mainstream American culture ebbs and flows as times change, but especially during periods of crises (say a pandemic) it has historically tended to reemerge as a dominant political force. A lot of folks truly want to take us back to the Dark Ages.

Joe Rogan, in all of his 5’8” glory, is apparently the archetype of the kind of figure prized by this political and cultural movement. He professes self reliance, is already extremely wealthy, juices all the supplements all wrapped up in the American flag. If Flat Tummy Tea influencers are the people who attract women to these conservative cultish ideologies, Joe Rogan and folks who model themselves after him are the male equivalent. And while he used to have more left leaning guests on, lately under Covid-19 he’s made a hard and sad right turn.

Derek Beres is a fitness and yoga instructor and author based in Los Angeles. He is the Senior Editor at Eco & co-host of the Conspirituality podcast. Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/derekberes

Julian Walker has been teaching yoga in and around LA since 1994 . He is co-host of the Conspirituality Podcast. Julian also writes extensively on the intersections of cults, trauma, new ageism and yoga. Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/embodiedsacred

Recorded January 02nd, 2021