What Foxconn – Apple’s Largest Manufacturer – Is Up To In Wisconsin

Foxconn is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics and the biggest assembler of Apple products. Now it’s building a massive factory in a village in rural Wisconsin. In a deal heralded by politicians including President Donald Trump and then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Wisconsin offered Foxconn close to $4 billion in subsidies to bring the project there. In return, Foxconn promised 13,000 jobs and a $10 billion investment in Wisconsin. In the last two years, however, plans have changed many times and locals have been forced to move to make way for the 3,000 acre project. CNBC got a rare chance to sit down with Foxconn and the Wisconsin official who helped broker the deal to ask: what’s really going on with the project? Watch the video to learn more about the international giant trying to build one of the world’s largest factories in the United States.

Foxconn was the company most affected by tariffs against China.