The IRS Wants To Track ALL Your Money

The IRS wants visibility of every single bank account with more than $600. Is that really worth it?

stefan yuwono
“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime” – chief of Soviet secret police.
By knowing your personal details, they can make up any crime to throw at you. It just requires some “creativity” in interpreting some exotic law in the books.
Maybe your politics are “wrong”? You wanted privacy, while they wanted information. Why do you want privacy, if you’ve got nothing to hide. Instead of them proving your guilt, you have to prove your innocence to them instead.

Burton Nelson
I still think they’re leading you down a path what do you think it should be should be $1000 should be 100,000. They should redo the whole tax system. Balance with their budget. The absurdity of it all losing $85 billion in Afghanistan and other places. And taking people $600 in their bank account is insane.