Jeff Snider: What FRONTLINE got SO wrong about the Fed, LIVE!

FRONTLINE, the American news magazine, is critiquing the Federal Reserve for showering big banks, big business and Wall Street with easy money. Money that has neither reached the real economy nor the vast majority of Americans. Yes to the latter, no no no no no to the former.



31:00 “We take financial media’s words in their face but if their words are simply based on calling up the Fed ( or market makers) and asking what they did [without checking on their veracity…this is problematic for the average person who relies on such journalism to understand what’s going in the market].” Given Jeff’s sentiments, I was rather disappointed he had allowed Isabella Kaminsky exaggerate to Putin’s assertions regarding Ukraine in your latest interview a few days ago. That said, I appreciate you both going over the FrontLine docuseries on Money and the Fed…I have watched all of them (some twice)
You guys look into RICHARD WIENER’S work on JAPAN. SAMURAI SUN.