Dennis Prager Thinks The Nazis Had Some Good Points, Actually

Dennis Prager doesn’t think the Nazi slogan, the 3 Ks is bad. The German slogan describes that a woman’s place should be limited to the children, kitchen, and church. The Majority Report crew discusses how they are not surprised by Prager’s view aligning with fascists. The MR crew talks about how Prager and those on the Right like him do not want women involved in politics and the hierarchy Nazis wanted to maintain.

Lunatic Republican: Trump & DeSantis Have Large Penis Energy


She’s totally chasing power.
Given that worship of (traditional) masculinity is a part of fascism, it’s important to fascists that their leaders are the most manly men, and that extends to shallow nonsense like this.

literally no Republican has that energy. Especially considering their love of overcompensating trucks and high power arms.


It’s yuge! That’s what people are telling me. It’s fabulous, you wouldn’t believe it.


As an aussie looking on at the freak show with jaw wide open I can say that Republican strongholds in the USA seriously need to check what substance they’re putting into the water…….
Big Dump Energy. Massive Dump Energy, in fact
Yeah but she did say ” Amen” after she claimed Trump and DeSantis have large private parts, so it is somewhat holy.
Lake is the one who is openly saying that Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes have already been decided to go to the 2024 Republican candidate.
The “E” stands for “Envy”
BDE approved by Jesus 🙂 She’s like Sarah Palin with short haricut.


CPAC Day 2 in 83 Seconds


When Hillary called these weirdos “deplorables” she was being kind.


Their schtick is getting old. All they do is accuse others of what they are doing.



We as a country can not act surprised when these extremists act on their threats, we have been warned for 7 years. We say its disturbing, anti-American and we must take them seriously and VOTE!💙 Like our lives depend on it because it just might….
Funny how they complain about book burning, yet do it themselves.
All Doctors Scientists Nurses Teachers Lawyers Healthcare workers should leave Florida and let them have it.
“Theres no hate quite like Christian love.”
Wow. I remember in the distant past when Republicans seemed like serious people.
This would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Hatred and fascism on full display. Don’t say they didn’t warn you.

Republicans Predict their Party will be taken over by Fascists

Published: March 25, 2021

Tucker Carlson agrees with guest Jesse Kelly that Republicans will pick a Fascist because Democrats like Hunter Biden get away with lying about drug use on a gun permit application while Republicans would be persecuted.


Tucker responds: “That was so well put”.

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joins us tonight
jesse thanks so much for coming on how
would you how do you think it would work
if you lied on a federal gun form
i think i wouldn’t be on your show right
now unless they were allowing me to do
it from fort leavenworth somewhere i
we both know how this works tucker this
is it’s just item number 1000
in in proving to people that there are
two different sets of rules in this
country there are rules for powerful
democrats and there and there are rules
for people like you and i
this is this is what they do and people
are sick of it it’s
it’s making people feel hopeless it
feels like there is no justice out there
it feels as useless as going to a
feminist rally and trying to find a
woman who can cook
i think you make a really solid point
about the sadness and the powerlessness
that people feel in the face of this and
at some point people are going to say
why should i follow the rules why should
i be a good citizen
if they don’t have to follow the rules i
mean things kind of break down at some
point don’t they
they will break down they are breaking
down tucker i i’ve said this before and
i’m telling you i’m i’m worried that i’m
the right is going to pick a fascist
within 10 to 20 years because they’re
not going to be the only one
only ones on the outs there’s 60 70
million of us we’re not a tiny minority
and if we’re going to be all treated
like criminals and all
subject to every single law while antifa
black lives matter guys go free
and hunter biden goes free then the
right’s going to take drastic measures
and it’s not about hunter biden and his
drug use nobody cares that guy was
bumping booger sugar lines off european
hookers on the weekend
it’s about justice that he’s never held
accountable for none of the bidens are
but you would be tucker and so would i
that’s so well put and you’re absolutely
right we’re moving toward
actual extremism because they’re
undermining the system that kept
extremism at bay and i
i don’t think we can say that enough i’m
so glad that you just said it jesse
kelly thank you