Narcissist’s Favorite Sayings

1) Excuse me/you’re interrupting: a way of distracting from the point you made.

2) Just because I didn’t do it how you wanted: make you feel guilty, turn it back on you

3) What about your issues? Let me avoid responsibility for my behavior.

4) I’m sorry, what more do you want from me: narcissistic pho apology.

I’m sorry I can’t be perfect, I’m sorry you feel that way -> turn the focus back on you.

5) You made me .. cheat, lose my job. It’s your fault.

6) You’re the only one who feels that way.

gaslight you, make you feel bad

My conservative friends are saying Trump lost in the courts on ‘technicalities’ and the good evidence of rigging has never been heard in court. Is that true?

Most of the failures on “technicalities” (and there weren’t that msny) were due to the incompetence or desperation of the Trump legal team, often they had submitted their case to the wrong court. (For instance going to the federal court with an issue which can only be addressed at the state court).

In a number of cases the Trump suits were thrown out without full consideration by the court. “Wow sounds bad” you say. No. Normal practice. In a preliminary hearing the applicant’s attorneys present an overview of the case they will make. and the judge either says “Yes, sure. Let’s hear that in detail” or, as with many Trump team submissions “You know even if you could prove all that, it wouldn’t make your case. Sorry, not worth going further”

If your best evidence summary fails at preliminary hearing, it means only one thing — your case, and the evidence you want to present really stink.

Post-script: I have noticed that the mass of Trumpistadors who would have posted answers to a question like this a few weeks ago have been remarkably “whittled away”. Not sure if it is fatigue or “buyer’s remorse”.

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