Is Meritocracy a Sham? | Amanpour and Company

Yale law professor Daniel Markovits says the system that values hard work and promotes the American dream is in itself a sham. He is taking aim at the very structure that made him a success in his latest book, “The Meritocracy Trap.” He joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss.

The average ivy lead student receives a $100,000 subsidy (through tax advantages).

Golf Clubs Get Real Estate Tax Breaks based on

If you change the boards of a ship one plank at a time, and replace all boards, is it the same ship?

  • Ship of Theseus, described by Plutarch
    • meriological: identity is sum of its parts
    • Spacial Temporal Continuity: the ship moves smoothly through time.  There is no point in time when you can say you have a new ship
      • but what if you steal the ship piecemeal?
      • the problem is unresolvable, only resolvable by using some external principle