When It’s Illegal to Ask, ‘How Much Do You Make?’

The question saves time if an applicant’s salary needs are out of line with what the employer can offer.

Banning discussion of salary history is wrongheaded, counterproductive and wasteful. The exchange of such information promotes transparency in the hiring process and helps manage candidates’ expectations. Most important, it saves recruiting time. If both an employer and prospective employee keep salary details hidden until the end of the interview process, an applicant’s salary requirements may turn out to be out of line with what the employer is prepared to offer—so the entire process was a waste of time.

.. When it comes to matching employees with employers, more information is always better. The more employers know about potential employees, and the more job seekers know about potential employers, the more likely there will be a successful match. Previous pay indicates employees’ value to their past employers. Often, pay is more telling than education or experience. For the same reason that potential employees should be able to ask the pay of positions they apply for, employers should also be able to ask potential hires about their previous pay.

Put Women in Charge

Cumulatively, incidents like this erode women’s self-confidence and make it hard for them to find mentors as their male peers do.

.. For most of my 20s and 30s, I never had to worry that getting ahead in my career meant staying in the good graces of a straight man.

.. Research “shows that when workplace power disparities are gendered (e.g., most of the support staff are women and most of the executives are men), more harassment may occur,”

.. The president is a misogynist thug who has boasted of some of the same crimes Weinstein is being pilloried for. His daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump, mouths platitudes about female empowerment while supporting the rollback of a federal rule on equal pay. Her attempt to portray herself as a champion of “Women Who Work,” the title of her most recent book, seems tailor-made to support left-wing critiques of what’s sometimes called “corporate feminism,” a feminism that fetishizes the success of elite women.

.. the type of “You go, girl” feminism obsessed with professional cheerleading and pop culture affirmation has come to feel as dated as shoulder pads. Feminism’s energy has shifted left, toward women who want to dismantle the ruling class, not diversify it.

..  as long as we have a hierarchal society, the gender of those at the top matters. In any field where women consistently have to please men to realize their ambitions — or simply to survive — there will be exploitation.

‘Battle of the Sexes’ is about a tennis match — but it feels a lot like the 2016 election

The story picks up with a pay gap dispute — sound familiar? — between King (Emma Stone) and tennis champ-turned-bigwig Jack Kramer (Bill Pullman), who argues that the men’s prize money for an upcoming tournament should be eight times more than the female winner’s take.

“The men are simply more exciting to watch,” he says, breezily. “It’s not your fault; it’s just biology.”

..  “A lot of the country shared those attitudes about women, and Bobby was just kind of mocking that, or using it and exploiting it.”

This disparity was systemic: King’s battle wasn’t just against one sexist troll fueling a controversy. Her solution was to start a new women’s tour — the Virginia Slims Circuit — much to Kramer’s frustration.

.. “Sloane Stephens wouldn’t be getting a check for $3.7 million for winning the U.S. Open. If it was up to Jack Kramer, she would have probably been getting a check for $50,000, and she would have been happy.”

.. King takes her training seriously. Riggs, meanwhile, does a nude photo shoot and practices while dressed as Little Bo Peep, bringing real sheep onto the court. He knows that the more outrageous he is, the more the press will pay attention. His rhetoric makes for perfect sound bites: He loves women — in the kitchen and the bedroom, he says. And — okay, fine — they have a place on the tennis court, too, because, “who else will pick up the balls?”

Through it all, the stakes seem much higher for her than for him. She’s trying to make history and challenge an unfair system. He’s just looking for attention.

..  but ultimately Bobby did pay a price — as Trump may later. Maybe his brand will be worthless.”

.. After King beat Riggs, no woman would play him; an earlier offer to play Chris Evert for $1 million disappeared — and then, so did he.

..  Howard Cosell’s dated commentary during the game, which appears in the film from real, archival footage.

“Here comes Billie Jean King — a very attractive young lady,” Cosell said. “If she ever let her hair grow down to her shoulders and took her glasses off, you’d have someone vying for a Hollywood screen test.”

The famous announcer spent much of the match with his arm wrapped around Casals (played by Natalie Morales), who was giving the female counterpoint. Casals remembers how uncomfortable it was standing there while Cosell’s heavy arm rested on her shoulder, not to mention the way he literally talked down to her.

.. “We felt it was really important to put the real Howard Cosell in and use exactly what he said, because you almost wouldn’t believe it otherwise. At the time, he was a relatively progressive guy. It’s just a sign of where we were.”

.. the reaction to the test screening for the movie before the election was very different from the one after.they were still struck by how much more positive the feedback was after Trump was elected.

Ivanka Trump has learned well from her father’s cons

Ivanka Trump is for working women the way her father is for the working class: In both cases, the Trumps really just want their money.

President Trump’s daughter built her brand around women’s “empowerment,” by which I mean monetizing the anxieties and insecurities of stressed-out moms.

From the beginning, her stated goal was to help professional women dig deep down inside their souls and tap their inner purchasing power. She launched her jewelry line because the “concept of a self-purchasing female was lost among the traditional jewelers,” her website explains without apparent irony.

.. So what are Trump’s feminist bona fides, ..

.. She publicly advocates paid family leave, even though she contracted out the designs of her clothing line to a firm that offered zero weeks of paid maternity leave.

.. And on Equal Pay Day this year, she posted on Instagram that “it is the responsibility of all Americans to come together in pursuit of equal pay.”

Last week, however, she publicly endorsed a White House decision to trample a modest equal-pay enforcement initiative.

.. And rather than the usual “anonymous source” leaks about how Ivanka Trump really, truly didn’t want such a dreadful thing to happen, she released a statement offering her blessing.

.. It’s a trick Ivanka Trump learned well from her father.

Papa Trump, after all, ran on a platform of helping the fabled Forgotten Man through promises to

  • plump his paycheck,
  • revive his obsoleted jobs,
  • discount his health care and otherwise
  • return him to his former economic and cultural glory.

.. Trump is hellbent on passing a massive tax cut for the rich. Right now the tax cut looks to be unfunded. Just because it isn’t being paid for now, though, doesn’t mean it will go unpaid-for forever.

Rosy scenario notwithstanding, at some point the U.S. government will have to make good on its accumulating debts, through some combination of future tax hikes and spending cuts.