Enneagram: Type SIX: The Need for Security

When SIXes lose the sense of resting in the full presence of God, instead of trustfully being held by Being they insist on forcing the issue. “I will assure it, I will prove it, and I will maintain it,” they say. They once held an image of an utterly reconciled and peaceful world, a safe and secure universe; yet instead of trusting it from Another, they try to manufacture it themselves by laws, authority, and structures of certitude (conservative religion, patriotic militarism, highly conceptual theories). Thus they have an ambivalent love/hate relationship with all authority.

.. All SIXes both overestimate and mistrust authorities. They feel weak, which can lead them to submit in a sort of blind obedience (Germany is a SIX country). But it also leads them to join other underdogs to find strength in common. The strong or orthodox group (like the Infallible Catholic Church or Biblical Inerrancy Churches) help them deny and overcome their personal insecurity.

.. knowing with a true faith that nothing bad can happen ultimately because the victory is already won.