Fox Faces Its Uncertain Future: The Minor Murdochs Take Command

After all, a business can be going along fine, and then—BOOM!—it hits a iceberg and you start flooding below the waterline. It can happen, and it does happen. Remember Circuit City? Bear Stearns? Lehman Brothers? Sports Authority? Once, all were billion-dollar companies—then gone in a moment. The fatal problem might be fraud or corruption, but more often, it’s simply that management didn’t see “over the other side of the hill.” Tastes, demographics, technology all change–rapidly and without warning–and so if the captain isn’t on watch, well, nemesis is dead ahead.

Here at Breitbart Newswe see ourselves as a small yet up-and-coming competitor to Fox. Yes, you read that right, Breitbart is on the rise, and Fox is in decline.

.. the meaning is clear: The Murdoch sons, aka the Minor Murdochs, think Fox is too conservative, too Roger Ailes-like, too Middle American. And they have a plan to fix that.

.. Third, Megyn Kelly’s July 29 hissy fit aimed at guest Mike Huckabee, which Breitbart headlined as “Megyn ‘Eve’ Kelly Has Meltdown Over Trump Muslim Ban—Is Rebuked By Huckabee.” Actually, come to think of it, Kelly’s performance was more like a hissing fit. Huckabee, always the gentleman, had no choice but to sit back and let Kelly’s venom-spittle fly.

.. Wolff identified James Murdoch as the lead hit-man; he indirectly quoted him as saying that since the 76-year-old Ailes couldn’t stay in the job that much longer anyway, “Why not turn lemons into lemonade and get credit for kicking him out for being a sexist pig?”