Good Citizens Stop Lazy Officer From Arresting the Wrong Teens

That lady kept the peace and did more investigating than the cops. She asked if she could have them leave with her. When the cops refused, she went and grabbed the witness to identify that it wasnt those boys. She, and only she, not the cops deescalated that situation.

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As a lawyer, I can confirm that this channel’s explanations of different laws isn’t an easy thing to do and is EXTREMELY time consuming.

Bystander woman gets an A++, for recognizing that the lazy police work was going to lead to an injustice, and getting involved. Then proceeding actually investigate, and bring a peaceful resolution.


Huge round of applause for all of the concerned citizens who stood up for those kids. I can only imagine the outcome had they not been there. 👏👏👏👏


Isn’t it ashamed that the citizens have to keep innocent children safe from police officers 👮‍♀️? Let that sink in.
Manager: it wasn’t them Cop: wanna press charges anyways? Somebody felt embarrassed enough to ask a retaliation question.
Love how after the manager confirms that the boys aren’t the ones who caused the disturbance the cop still asks if he can trespass them 😂 he’s like come on bro please let me arrest these kids, they didn’t lick my boots


  • Toward the end he says he commends the bystanders for ensuring the “teens are safe”. I agree, but what does it say about the state of policing that random strangers have to intervene to keep teens safe from our police.
  • Failure to identify yourself while on-duty should result in a citizens arrest for impersonating a police officer.
  • There’s something about the mix of authority with pride that just won’t ever let cops admit to being wrong, and instead of doing so they escalate what would otherwise be simple altercations that can be fixed with a few basic questions
  • That lady is an effing ANGEL! She literally saved these kids lives tonight.
  • The cop ignoring to say his name and badge number is already a red flag. He knew he screwed up
  • The fact that one of the officers, EVEN AFTER BEING TOLD IT WAS NOT THEM, asked the manager if he wanted them trespassed says a lot about them. They wanted to hem these teens up regardless.
  • Prime example of power hunger. “You don’t obey me? You’re going in cuffs!” Like, is this a common basic training of police dept everywhere?
  • It’s honestly so good that the bystanders were there bc a lot of times cops will see a group of young kids and assume they don’t know their rights and will push their authority because they feel they can get away with it, they would have undoubtably taken the kid in cuffs away I feel like if they weren’t there
  • Good job lady. Those young men deserved an apology from the police.
  • I love how the cops constantly speak for the manager (“he doesn’t want to come out”, “he said you were causing trouble”) but then the nice lady brings him out and contradicts them completely
  • When you call cops out on their incompetence it’s like reflex for them to double down and do almost anything to protect their precious ego!
  • I love that people are finally learning the laws and knowing their rights. It makes it so much more difficult for these tyrants to bully people into compliance. Know your rights.
  • “I am doing my job right” – The cop who just unlawfully arrested a teen because he wasn’t doing his job right.
  • Good for these young men for remaining calm and just dealing with it these seem like the type of officers itching to escalate a minor offense.
  • Imagine if there wasn’t any bystanders or cameras. Improvising and issuing false charges as they please is their expertise
  • Even if the Officers were agents of the Property, the bystander asked, “Have they been asked to leave?” Cop, “We’re asking them to leave.” Bystander, “So are they free to leave?” Cop, “no.” Lol
  • Love how the manager says how the perpetrators were probably long gone. Like a slap in the face to the cops lol
  • I hope the families take them to court. This whole situation was uncalled for. I’m very proud of the way the boys handled themselves. They stayed calm and self-controlled. I’m so thankful that there were others there with the intent to help them. It must be very humiliating to arrest someone and then have to take the cuffs off because you were wrong. You’re supposed to get information first; not arrest first.
  • 13:30 [cops] “seemed to be willing to arrest the teens for no apparent reason” That’s because the cops’ bonus depends on how many arrests they make. This is NOT the right motive to arrest someone. Notice that the cops actively resisted getting the manager to confirm/deny the identity of the teens.
  • So there’s a little known thing about night shift policing, it’s called spend the rest of the night at the station and it basically entails making any arrest, booking the suspect and filing the necessary paperwork and ensures you don’t have to spend the rest of the night patrolling in a smelly old patrol unit…just saying.
  • “Lazy investigative tactics” – the mantra of the modern police department. “I don’t need to investigate the crime if I can get the suspect to say something incriminating… or just get them to let me violate their rights.”
  • Maaaan…. We all know that something shady was going on here. Simply due to the fact that the officer was so against simply asking the manager if these kids were indeed the correct party he had pointed out earlier.
  • You’re not doing your job right said by the young men is accurate.
    • But they are doing their job their job is to put people in jail especially if they’re in an area where it’s a profit jail
    • I love these videos! I wish police departments would use these videos for training. I really hate the level of ego and lack of humility to serve the community. Instead of trying to deescalating the situation, they were adding fuel to a fire. Great video!!!!
    • Getting real sick of cops using, “We’re just conducting an investigation!” As an excuse to blow over people’s rights…
  • well, the police certainly did bring a community together.
  • Just for perspective on Elkhart, IN PD supervisors:
    • 82% have been disciplined
    • 44% have been suspended
    • 20% have been involved in fatal shootings
    • 8% are convicted criminals
  • “Go ask the manager …” “He’s too busy…” Turns out that was a lie, the officer was just too lazy. He’d rather jam up some kids, potentially giving innocent people a permanent record, than take 45 seconds to do the primary part of his job. What are the names of these officers?
  • Made me laugh when the cop refused to go speak to the manager, saying “He’s inside, he has a job to do” — well you have a job to do too, get to it. You can’t just go around arresting the first people you see 🤦‍♀️ And the bystanders are educating you on how the laws work. This is embarrassing.
  • So if I called the cops to report a suspicious individual who appears to be breaking into a car, cops like these could just come around and arrest the first guy they see, whether that’s my neighbor who is working on his car, or the guy who goes for walks around the neighborhood 4-5x a day? Their logic is not to initially take a witness statement or report here in this video? Jesus christ.
  • It’s kinda scary when you have a police interaction and going into it you aren’t sure if they’re going to be a good one or a bad one… or a good one who goes by the books usually but may be having a bad day.
  • Well, here it is “Guilty until proven innocent”. The only person in that police department who hasn’t been taken disciplinary action against is the janitor. These boys are VERY lucky.
  • Perfect example of how a police encounter can become resisting arrest without any other charges being filed. Well done to the bystanders.
  • 8:35 even when the officer learn he was wrong, he was still trying to arrest these kids. I wish they were as determined to find the troublemakers like they were trying to arrest those kids.